CDAPCommunity Development Assistance Program (HUD)
CDAPCenter for Drug and Alcohol Programs
CDAPCaspian Development Advisory Panel
CDAPCentre for the Development of Autism Practice (UK)
CDAPCassini Data Analysis Program (NASA)
CDAPComputer Defense Assistance Program
CDAPChemical Data Acquisition Plan
CDAPChronic Disease Assistance Program (Trinidad and Tobago)
CDAPCarl Duisberg Association of the Philippines
CDAPCommon Display Architecture Processing System
CDAPComputer Defense Assessment Program
CDAPCivil Damage Assessment Program
CDAPcareer development aviator program
CDAPContinuous Distending Airway Pressure
CDAPCommander Directed Augmentee Program
CDAPConstant Descent Approach Procedures (aviation)
CDAPChambersburg Drumline and Percussion
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At the oathtaking ceremony, CDAP president ex-officio Mari D.
El CDA, CDAP y CDAL fueron estadisticamente menores (P < 0,05) en los peces alimentados con DC (44,28 [+ or -] 4,58; 74,12 [+ or -] 1,95 y 58,51 [+ or -] 2,79, respectivamente) que en los alimentados con dietas con HCC.
To do that, CDAP brought together speakers from the academic elite, like Vincent Fabella, president of Jose Rizal University; Ma.
The 2002 Panel reported, for example, that under the CDAP, the project sponsor did not take specific responsibility to generate development projects for those displaced, the funds earmarked for the plan were immaterial when discounted to the long term, there were no sustainable economic activities scheduled for the period after the construction stage, most of the resources were earmarked for short-term construction projects rather than long-term institution building, and the CDAP's targets were poorly laid out, making it considerably weak and sketchy.
Introduced in September, CDAPs provide a "baseline" of where children are when they enter primary school and help inform how far a child is making progress through the Foundation Phase.
As a CDAP partner, Systems Alliance is authorized to sell Sun hardware and development software to commercial software developers at significant discounts.
MUSC's CDAP has the honor of being chosen by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to be a national Alcohol Research Center.
The CDAP takes data from Mexico Conectado sites and converts it into relevant information that facilitates measurement of the impact that Country Digitization is having through the program.
The CDAP is a professional organization dedicated to the growth, practice and advancement of career development in business and industrial organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and nongovernment organizations in the country.
The EYDAF replaces the ill-fated CDAP (child Development assessment profile) and will provide a "baseline" of a child's ' progress when entering primary school.
Built on Intel Xeon technology and Clouderas industry-leading Hadoop distribution Cloudera Enterprise, CDAP provides a turnkey cybersecurity data hub platform that provides new cybersecurity capabilities from leading advanced analytic vendors like Cybraics, Dataiku and H2O, and open source machine learning projects like Apache Spot (incubating), and it enhances and extends the capabilities of SIEMs, IDS, IPS, Snort and other traditional tools.