CDBGCommunity Development Block Grant
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Beshear said CDBG funds provide approximately $22 million annually to help primarily rural counties across the state better serve their citizens.
1 million in CDBG program funds spent on ineligible activities, and another $298,303 spent over the program's spending cap.
In the case of CDBG, the number of senators and representatives willing to sign annual CDBG support letters to the Appropriations Committee has been shrinking.
This year, Mayor Christine Lundberg noted in her State of the City address that she would like to allocate some CDBG funding to work in Glenwood, an area city leaders have long sought to redevelop.
He stressed that using facade Improvements In conjunction with CDBG funds or other local, state or federal grants means no cost to the building owner or tenant.
Recommendation: To the extent that the CDBG program continues to be the primary vehicle used to provide post-disaster assistance for permanent housing, Congress may wish to consider providing more specific direction regarding the distribution of disaster-related CDBG assistance that states are to provide for homeowners and renters.
In Bayou La Batre and other parts of Mobile County, for example, rebuilding damaged or destroyed infrastructure and housing will require the CDBG program's comprehensive, adaptable approach, noted Rep.
The Committee on Aging already had given up about $18,000 of its Los Angeles County CDBG allocation because the administrative costs were too high and diverted it to the Samuel Dixon Family Health Center, Berens said.
Yet an April 2004 evaluation by the Department of Planning scored the Roseland Business Development Council at 89 percent in achieving the targets of its CDBG contract.
The article revisits the issue of CDBG spending on the part of local governments, and focuses particularly on recent expenditure patterns in one small central city and five satellite cities in metropolitan areas.