CDBIComposition Distribution Breadth Index (polymer method)
CDBICanadian Design-Build Institute (est. 1998)
CDBIComité Directeur pour La Bioéthique (French: Steering Committee on Bioethics, EC)
CDBICommunity Development Banking Institution (National Community Investment Fund)
CDBIComponent Design Basis Inspection (US NRC)
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CDBI, which is incorporated in Hong Kong, is CDBC's core overseas investment and financing platform.
CDBI's Long-Term IDR reflects our view of an extremely high probability of support from CDBC and CDB, due to its role as CDBC's core subsidiary.
CDBI accounted for around 15% of CDBC's total assets at end-2017 and around 49% of net income for the year.
The Stable Outlook reflects our expectation that CDBI's role as CDBC's sole overseas platform and close operational linkage with CDBC will not change significantly over the next two to three years.
"Have there been any prosecutions for organ trafficking?", Steering Committee on Bioethics (CDBI), European Health Committee (CDSP), Replies to the questionnaire for member states on organ trafficking, Strasbourg (2 June 2004), 60.
To the best of our knowledge, no comprehensive list has been published of reactions to the bioethics convention received by CDBI and its working party.
On the other hand, Article 8 on emergency situations, which states that "when the appropriate consent cannot be obtained, any medically necessary intervention may be carried out immediately for the benefit of the health of the individual," was generally criticized as superfluous.[23] Indeed, it is not clear what criteria did determine which issues were addressed: the need to maximize support among member states, or the sense that this comprises a complete list of issues, or the strategy of developing principled statements now to be followed by detailed protocols later?[24] It is also likely that the composition of the working party (and of CDBI for that matter) is not without importance.
The fact that the German delegation at CDBI eventually voted against the draft convention in dune 1996 raises further intriguing questions.
In a recommendation to be approved by the Bundestag it says that negotiations with the CDBI ought to be continued "until a result is obtained which makes a substantial progress with regard to creating a uniform European level of protection."[40]