CDBPChlorination Disinfection By-Products
CDBPCouncil on Dental Benefit Programs (American Dental Association)
CDBPCytosol Vitamin D-Binding Protein (biochemistry)
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CDBP exposure was estimated by linking information about residences to databases providing estimates of CDBP levels in municipal water supplies.
This happens in the case of N347, which has more secondary structure, as indicated by the difference between DBP and CDBP values.
In this respect, it is important to mention that the DBP and CDBP numbers correlate rather well with the reinforcing in-rubber structure of carbon blacks, whereas in the case of silicas, the DBP gives an indication about the interagglomerate structure, which is important for the incorporation and dispersion of the silica.
It has also been reported that rebound has a linear relationship with CTAB [multiplied by] [??.sup.2][Rho] over a wide range of CTAB, CDBP and loading of reinforcing carbon blacks in SBR compounds (ref.
For the carbon blacks chosen for this study, there was no significant correlation between the CTAB and CDBP values ([R.sup.2] = 0.61).
The degree of spatial anisotropy of carbon black aggregates may be indirectly estimated by the compressed DBP (CDBP) test.
Structure as measured in ml/100g of dibutyl phthalate absorption was determined after crushing (CDBP) according to ASTM procedure D-3493.