CDBSConsolidated Database System (FCC)
CDBSConnectionless Data Bearer Service
CDBSCentral Database Server
CDBSConsolidated Data Base Search
CDBSCommon Data Base System
CDBSCoincident Doppler Broadening Spectroscopy (technique for defect spectroscopy)
CDBSCentral Data Base System
CDBSCalibration Database Software
CDBSControl Database System
CDBSCalcium Dodecyl Benzene Sulphate
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The CDBS design is simple, compact, easily commercialized, customizable for a wide variety of X-ray scattering experiments and unique in its capabilities to provide information about X-ray beams in real time without interfering with the collection of data on precious samples.
These stations will no longer be able to use the CDBS e-filing system to file these applications.
Please note that to access the new system, broadcasters will log in using their FRN and FRN password, rather than their CDBS password.
The Coalition complained about the lack of adequate email contact information within the CDBS system, with less than 500 valid email addresses.
The CDBS brings significant cost savings as customers can now avoid the shipment of large amounts of de-ionized water and use concentrated chemicals which are widely available in the Fabs.