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CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (US government)
CDCCommunity Development Corporation
CDCConference on Decision and Control (IEEE)
CDCChange Data Capture
CDCCareer Development Center
CDCChild Development Center
CDCConnected Device Configuration (Sun J2ME)
CDCCommunity Development Council
CDCCaisse des Depots (France)
CDCCult of the Dead Cow (hacker group)
CDCCertified Development Company
CDCCalifornia Department of Corrections
CDCClimate Diagnostics Center (NOAA)
CDCCanadian Dairy Commission
CDCCorporate Data Center
CDCCaisse des Dépôts et Consignations (French)
CDCCalifornia Democratic Council
CDCCahier des Charges (French: Specifications)
CDCClock Domain Crossing (ASIC/VLSI design)
CDCCell Division Cycle
CDCCommunauté de Communes (French: Community of Communes)
CDCContinuous Damping Control (electronic suspension system for passenger cars, trucks and buses)
CDCCri Du Chat (syndrome)
CDCCour de Cassation (French: Supreme Court)
CDCCommunity Development Committee
CDCCommonwealth Development Corporation
CDCCommunity Development Councils (Singapore)
CDCCentre de Documentation Collegiale (Quebec, Canada)
CDCCentury Date Change
CDCCountdown Clock (NASA)
CDCConservation Data Centre
CDCCrop Development Centre (Canada)
CDCCollection Development Council
CDCChinadotcom Corporation (Hong Kong)
CDCCul De Canard (French: Butt of A Duck; feathers used in fly tying)
CDCCommunicable Disease Centre (Singapore)
CDCCareer Development Conference
CDCCentre de Développement Chorégraphique (French: Choreographic Development Center)
CDCCentral Distribution Center
CDCCameroon Development Corporation
CDCCareer Development Course (taken by USAF enlisted personnel to earn next skill level in AFSC)
CDCCoalition to Diversify Computing
CDCCivil District Court
CDCCentral Depository Company of Pakistan Limited
CDCChina Data Center (University of Michigan)
CDCClothing Distribution Center (USAP New Zealand)
CDCCalifornia Department of Conservation
CDCCurriculum Development Council
CDCCitizens Development Corps (Washington, DC)
CDCCombat Direction Center
CDCChristian Defense Coalition
CDCCompact Digital Camera
CDCCombat Development Command
CDCChurch Day Care
CDCChemical Dependency Center (Charlotte, NC)
CDCCitizens Democracy Corps (Washington, DC)
CDCCairo Demographic Center
CDCChiltern District Council (UK)
CDCCentralized Data Collection
CDCCommission du Droit du Canada (French: Law Commission of Canada)
CDCCarbide Derived Carbon
CDCCedar City, UT, USA (Airport Code)
CDCComcast Digital Cable
CDCConstruction Development Company
CDCConstruction de Défense Canada
CDCCounselling and Development Centre
CDCCairo Demographic Centre (Cairo, Egypt)
CDCCertified Door Consultant
CDCCall Data Channel
CDCCompanion Dog Club
CDCCanadian Department of Communications
CDCCentre for Development Communication (India)
CDCCentre de Développement Culturel (French: Center of Cultural Development)
CDCConfined Detonating Cord
CDCCollege of Development Communication (University of the Philippines Los Baños)
CDCCentre de Droit de La Consommation
CDCCompliance Data Center
CDCCanada Development Corporation
CDCCommittee for Developing Countries
CDCCentre de Développement des Compétences (French: Skills Development Center; Canada)
CDCCirrus Design Corporation
CDCCitizens District Council
CDCCentral Data Control
CDCConcept Design Center
CDCChattanooga Data Connection
CDCCambridge Dancers' Club
CDCConcept Development Conference
CDCCycle Double Cover (conjecture)
CDCCauseway Data Communications (Ireland)
CDCComputer Display Channel (FAA)
CDCCommunication Daughter Card (IBM Thinkpad laptops)
CDCCall Directing Code
CDCComité de Conjoncture (French: Economic Committee; Luxembourg)
CDCCounterdrug Coordinator
CDCCollision Deformation Classification (NHTSA)
CDCCommon Data Classes
CDCClock Distribution Circuit
CDCCanterbury Development Corporation Ltd
CDCCalifornia Dialysis Council
CDCCentre De Commande
CDCCenter Dual Console (small boat design)
CdCCoto de Casa (California)
CDCCheat Deterrent Client (gaming anti-cheat software)
CDCCentral Directory Component (military)
CDCCoastal Data Centre (AU)
CDCCohousing Development Consulting
CDCCampus Distribution Center
CDCCentral District Conference
CDCClassified Document Control
CDCCenter for Development and Cooperation (various locations)
CDCCommunications Design Center
CDCCombination Door Company (Wisconsin, USA)
CDCCalifornia Date Commission
CDCControllability-Don't Care
CDCCombat Development Center
CDCCommunications Class Device
CDCCall Directing Character
CDCConstant Duty Cycle
CDCCentrex Dynamic Change (telecommunications)
CDCConstitutional Drafting Council (Thailand)
CDCContinental Dorset Club
CDCChesapeake Democratic Committee
CDCCircuit Defense Counsel (US DoD)
CDCCentre de Diffusion Cinématographique (Algeria)
CDCConception-Développement-Construction (French: Design-Development-Construction; Huchenneville, France)
CDCCentre Départemental de la Communication (French: County Center for Communication)
CDCConceptual Design Criteria
CDCCarbon Development Contract
CDCContract Data Coordinator
CDCCall Detail Control (Sprint)
CDCConfiguration Data Control
CDCCommand-Display Console
CDCControl Display Console
CDCCompetence Development Center
CDCCorrectional Detention Center
CDCCleared Defense Contractor (US DoD)
CDCContext-Dependent Coordination
CDCCanadian Dairy Corporation
CDCCONUS Demobilization Center
CDCControl Data Corporation, Incorporated
CDCCorps Development Center
CDCCentral Depot Concept
CDCCombat Decision Center
CDCConstruction Defect Consulting Inc (Seattle WA)
CDCCommittee on Departmental Curriculum
CDCCross Dock Center (recieving department)
CDCComet Development Committee
CDCComité Départemental de la Culture (French)
CDCCentro para Demonstracion y Capacitacion
CDCCrown Decorator Centres (Lancashire, UK)
CDCCorps Data Center
CDCCombat Detection Center
CDCConditioned Diphase Converter
CDCCompletion Detection Circuit
CDCCharacteristic Distortion Compensation (ITU-T)
CDCCoin Detection Circuit
CDCCoalition pour La Diversité Culturelle (French: Coalition for Cultural Diversity (Quebec))
CDCConvergància Democràtica de Catalunya (Spanish: Democratic Convergence of Catalonia)
CDCCentro Documentação Científica
CDCContact Departure Control
CDCCommunity Defense Council
CDCCentro de Controlo de Doenças e Prevenção
CDCCheat Deterrent System/Server (gaming)
CDCContinental Digital Communications
CDCCommand Document Continue
CDCComponent Designator Code
CDCCommon Display Console
CDCCryogenic Distillation Column
CDCCentrifugal Distortion Constant (spectroscopy)
CDCCraig Developmental Center (Sonyea, NY)
CDCCurrent Dated Check
CDCCompany Directors' Course (various locations)
CDCCultural Diversity Committee (various locations)
CDCComprehensive Diabetes Care
CDCCertified Dermatology Coder
CDCContinuous Data Collection
CDCCharleston Digital Corridor(Charleston, SC)
CDCCustomer-Driven Company (software)
CDCChief Disciplinary Counsel (attorney)
CDCChicago Distribution Center (Chicago, IL)
CDCCommunity Donation Center (various locations)
CDCCâblerie de Charleroi
CDCCentralized Data Center (computer services)
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CDC contributions range from support for and leadership of the global effort to eradicate smallpox to the establishment of Projet SIDA in Africa to initiate scientific research on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
The new CDC study, says Willett, "took only half-hearted measures to exclude people with chronic disease.
The chickenpox incubation period is from 14 to 16 days after exposure (Arvin 1996; CDC 2005), with a range of 10-21 days (CDC 2005).
The CDC press office would not be functioning the way it had been," recalls Robert J.
CDC directors are political appointees, though they do not have to be confirmed by Congress, and their tenures seldom last longer than a presidential administration.
CDC affiliated companies, also acquired by ChoicePoint in the transaction, are Customer Database Technologies, Inc.
OSHA will enforce penalties against long-term care providers who do not comply with CDC recommendations and guidelines in those areas.
As Regis tells it, she joined the CDC because she was sick of her family practice.
The woman, whom health officials would not identify to protect her privacy, told the CDC she did not know how she was infected.
We acquired MVI technology just four months ago and they have already exceeded our expectations," said Eric Musser, president of CDC Software.
CDC has generally deferred to state and local health authorities in the primary use of their own separate "police power" quarantine authorities to restrict the movement of persons within their boundaries.
Yet four years earlier, in a 1987 CDC report, Rosenberg thought the area adequately scrutinized, and his understanding sufficient, to urge confiscation of all firearms from "the general population," claiming "8,600 homicides and 5,370 suicides could be avoided" each year.