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CDC2Cell-Division Cycle 2
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jejuni failed to activate CDC2, which resulted to cell cycle arrest in G2 phase.
p130/E2F4 binds to and represses the cdc2 promoter in response to p53.
Kin3 is the homolog of the Aspergillus nidulans nimA gene, which is essential for mitotic entry downstream of the Cdc2 master mitotic regulator.
S Wang, H Weinstock, J Newhall, K Workowski, S Berman, Div of STD Prevention, National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention, CDC2
Protein databases such as SWISS-PROT usually contain functional annotations at a very detailed level of biochemical function; for example, a given sequence is annotated as a cdc2 kinase but not as being involved in intracellular communication (Apweiler 2001; Tamames et al.
El FPM consta de dos subunidades: una subunidad catalitica llamada kdc (p34 en los mamiferos y cdc2 en levaduras), que lleva a cabo la transferencia de grupos fosfatos del ATP a residuos especificos de serina y treonina.
He says: "People come up and ask could you to play the track five on Disco Kandi 4, CDC2.
The gene, called cdc2 in the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, is important in regulating the microorganism's cell cycle, and its counterpart in humans may play a similar role, say Melanie G.
The researchers used the CRi Nuance FX system to conduct multiplex analyses of phosphorylated CDC2 and total CDC2 protein.
alpha]-M has also been associated with cell cycle arrest in the G2M phase by regulating expression of cdc2 cyclin and p27 [44].
Induced CDC2 phosphorylation thereby inhibited colorectal cancer growth in nude mice.