CDCAChenodeoxycholic Acid
CDCACalifornia Desert Conservation Area
CDCACenter for Development in Central America
CDCAComité de Défense de la Cause Arménienne (French: Defense Committee of the Armenian Cause)
CDCACentral District of California (US District Court)
CDCACanaan Dog Club of America
CDCAChemical Dependency Counselor Assistant
CDCAConfédération de Défense des Commerçants et Artisans
CDCACentral Data Collection Agent
CDCACurrent Document Change Authority
CDCACanadian Deaf Curling Association
CDCACylindrical Dielectric Cavity Antenna
CDCAChemical Dependency Counseling Assistant
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On the other hand, activation of FXR was seen in 3-10 [micro]M CDCA and greater activation was observed at 100 [micro]M CDCA (Fig.
27, 28, and 29 were 3 [micro]M ATRA, 30 [micro]M CDCA, and vehicle, respectively.
Cholestyramine and colestipol have a greater affinity for dihydroxy than for trihydroxy BA and therefore preferably bind to CDCA and deoxycholic acid.
In addition, levels of LCA (intestine and cecum), CDCA (liver), and TLCA (liver and feces) in TCDF-treated mice were higher than those in vehicle-treated mice (see Supplemental Material, Figure S3A-E).
Abbreviations: CA, cholic acid; CDCA, chenodeoxycholic acid; DCA, deoxycholic acid; G, glycine-conjugated; LCA, lithocholic acid; MCA, muricholic acid; NS, not significant; T, taurine-conjugated species; UDCA, ursodeoxycholic acid.
According to Burrin, the CDCA study is the first to demonstrate the use of small doses of this bile acid, delivered directly to the upper digestive tract, to control PNALD in a newborn-lab-animal model.
TPN piglets that were given CDCA had signiicantly lower levels of serum bilirubin, a biomarker of cholestasis, than did the TPN-fed piglets that were given a placebo.
CDCA discussed the need for government intervention to create a more level playing field with Asian exporters, the issues facing manufacturers due to the high value of the Canadian dollar, strategies to address the anticipated future lack of skilled trade persons, and the future of u.
He said 18 non-governmental organisations representing youth, human rights groups and families of prisoners and missing people in addition to a women's rights organisation have formed the Facebook CDCA to demand a change of the Algerian regime.
As Environmental Coordinator for the CDCA, Carter chaired and participated in several task forces, including the Los Angeles Federal Environmental Task Force and the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo Counties Regional Environmental Task Force.
NCCUSL members will determine whether the CDCA should limit debt counseling services to organizations with non-profit status.
The Myriad CDCA Java[TM] Virtual Machine (JVM) will be integrated into Comcast's Device Software Reference Design Kit to deliver a consistent operating environment and improved application performance for set-top boxes and other devices.