CDCCACapital District Celtic Cultural Association (New York; foundation to preserve Irish and Scottish cultural activities; founded 1998)
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Metabolites detected in <75% of the population (DMDTP, 13.5%; DEDTP, 29.2%; TDCCA, 60.9%; and CDCCA, 14.1%) were excluded from further analyses.
Detection rates for PYR metabolites varied from 99.0% for 3PBA to 13.8% for CDCCA. Creatinine-adjusted median concentrations of urinary DMP, DMTP, DEP, DETP, 3PBA, and TDCCA were 6.99, 2.79, 10.25, 3.47, 0.73, and 0.44 [micro]g/g creatinine, respectively.
(2015) investigated the relationship between environmental exposure to pyrethroids and sperm DNA damage and found a positive association between CDCCA concentration > 50th percentile and the percentage share of medium DNA fragmentation index (M DFI) and the percentage share of high DNA stainability (HDS).
(2013) found that urinary concentrations of CDCCA and TDCCA above the limit of detection (LOD) were associated with increased rates of aneuploidy [75].