CDCUCommunity Development Credit Union
CDCUCommunicable Disease Control Unit (Canada)
CDCUCumberland and District Credit Union (est. 1951; Canada)
CDCUCommon Display Console Upgrade
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I know Federation members are really going to like having a core processor that is focused on what they do and how we can make it easier and less expensive for them to do it," Benson said, adding that the CUSO expected the processing platform to activate its first CDCU users by the end of 2016.
In occasion of heavy experiment 1, CDCU episodic drinking in vs.
12) The charter of a CDCU must define a field of membership in which over half of its prospective members fall into at least one of the four categories; (1) a member of a household with an income less than 80 percent of the median household income for the nation.
We are excited to be working with the CDCU Mortgage Center," said Scott Happ, chief executive officer and president of Mortgagebot.
The case study of the CDCU prompts an in-depth analysis of the role of technical assistance providers such as community development lawyers and clinics in perpetuating an economic development market structure at odds with consumer demand.
are non-profit consumer or member-owned cooperatives, but CDCUs are distinguished by having memberships that are low-income and by having a commitment to serving not just its members but the communities to which they belong.
The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions has started to build a shared back-office platform for CDCUs.
Treasury lent money from the Troubled Asset Relief Program at low cost to CDCUs that had been found healthy and stable enough to take the funds.
Johnson has over 40 years of experience with the New York-based CDCU.
The Pennsylvania Department of Banking, which chartered People for People CDCU, concurred with the conservatorship decision," the NCUA said in a statement.
The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions announced a new program designed to help New York City area CDCUs offer payday loan alternatives last week.
And Kiva made it clear that ASI does not have to be Kiva's only credit union field partner and that it is open to working with other CUs, particularly but not exclusively CDCUs.