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Considering that the emergence of new words takes a much more important position than the extinction of old words, we can obtain the general trend of the diachronic evolution of Chinese vocabulary system at the macrolevel by investigating the new words categorized in different time periods according to their time of occurrence in CDCW.
Admittedly, omissions of entries and presence of errors can be found in CDCW, and it is also true that CDCW cannot include all the new words in a given time period.
Theoretically speaking, it is possible to exhaustively obtain the time of occurrence of all word entries in CDCW. However, considering the fact that CDCW contains as many as over 300 thousand entries, it would be too much work to analyze all the entries.
Firstly, there are a small amount of repetitions and exceptions in the entries in CDCW. The repetitions mean that two entries have different forms but the same meanings, which is similar to the case "color" and "colour" in English.
Secondly, there are above 300 thousand of entries in CDCW. They are too many to be handled one by one.
Based on the samples, the total number of word in CDCW can be estimated by
There are a series of steps to evaluate polysyllablization of the Chinese lexis based on CDCW in practice.
(2) Obtain the set E of the whole entries of CDCW and classify the set E into 11, 2), and 3+1 by the number of syllables of each entry.
We use the CD-ROM version of CDCW published in 1998.