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CDDConserved Domain Database
CDDContrat A Duree Determinee (French: Fixed Term Contract)
CDDCommunity Development Department
CDDCustomer Due Diligence
CDDCommunity Driven Development
CDDCooling Degree Days (weather derivatives / insurance index converting temperature into prices)
CDDCommunity Development District
CDDCell Death and Differentiation
CDDChildhood Disintegrative Disorder
CDDCenter for Digital Democracy
CDDCentre for Democracy and Development
CDDChild Development Division
CDDCapability Development Document
CDDChristian Domestic Discipline
CDDCentre for Democratic Development (Ghana)
CDDCyclic Delay Diversity
CDDCidade de Deus (band)
CDDClassification Décimale de Dewey (French: Dewey Decimal Classification)
CDDCommon Data Dictionary
CDDChlorinated Dibenzo p-Dioxin
CDDChronic Disease Directors
CDDConstruction & Demolition Debris (solid waste management term)
CDDControl of Diarrhoeal Disease (WHO program)
CDDCapabilities Development Directorate
CDDComplete Discharge Device
CDDCraniodiaphyseal Dysplasia
CDDClostridium Difficile Diarrhoea
CDDCatolicos por el Derecho a Decidir (Spanish: Catholics for the Right to Decide)
CDDContract Delivery Date
CDDComponent Design Document (now called Component Design Description)
CDDClasificación Decimal de Dewey (Spanish)
CDDCertificate of Disability for Discharge
CDDCoin Dealers Directory (UK)
CDDCentro Dominicano de Desarrollo (Spanish)
CDDCourse Descriptive Data
CDDCastillejo-Dalitz-Dyson (poles)
CDDCode Division Duplex
CDDCargo Data Declaration Fee (customs; EU)
CDDComité Développement Durable (French: Sustainable Development Committee)
CDDContent Discovery and Delivery
CDDCuban Democratic Directorate
CDDContent Delivery and Distribution
CDDCorporate Data Dictionary
CDDCentral Data Dictionary
CDDCollateral Damage Distance
CDDConventional Differential Detector
CDDCabin Deferred Defect (aviation)
CDDCaribbean Development Division
CDDCentral De-Ice Distributor
CDDCommon Data Descriptor
CDDConfiguration Definition Document (US Navy)
CDDComponent Design Description
CDDCombat Definition Document
CDDConfirmed Delivery Date
CDDCalculated Defect Density
CDDCoherent Differential Detection
CDDConceptual Design Decision
CDDClock Difference Diagram (computer science)
CDDCrew Duty Day
CDDChrist De Débile
CDDCombined Degree of Disability (US VA)
CDDCommercial due Diligence
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This trial was in part funded by Prof Borody's CDD Research Fund, Broad Medical Research Program, Mount Sinai SUCCESS fund, and the National Health and Medical Research Foundation among others.
The 18-months training namely 'Training of Nikah Registrars and LD and CDD officials' was provided to these officials at Local Government Academy Lala Musa District Gujrat, said a spokesman for the PCSW.
Young (1959), por su parte, indica que el enfasis del CDD no esta tanto en la forma de organizacion que tiene, sino en la creacion de la notacion y del indice.
Although Google's Android CDD clearly states that this is a recommendation for now, the company also notes that manufacturers might not have a choice in the future.
Lauff and Werner [30,35] reviewed multistage systems involving earliness and tardiness problems with CDD as well.
According to the CDD, Israeli authorities usually open the floodgates to their dams in the direction of the Gaza Strip without prior notice.
The] companies are relying on exceedingly brief, vague, or obtuse descriptions of their data collection practices, even though Safe Harbor requires meaningful transparency and candor," asserted CDD Executive Director Jeff Chester.
Over the years, CDD has developed into a full blown school offering 16 classes a week for kids, teens and adults from beginner to advanced and professional levels.
Gati (2008) stated that the term CDD refers to the condition in which individuals are not able to make an optimal decision within a certain period of time in the process of career decision making.
Abstractly, the capability developers could revise the CDD using knowledge of the TD phase in one of two ways: incrementally, or with a 'big bang' at the end.
To break with this cash outflow, the merchants will need to accept the payment with the new currency and attract the local consumers with special discounts when paying with CDD.
CDD is responsible for providing relief in emergency situations, especially to residents of rural areas of the capital city, but has not been functional due to lack of funds and interest of the relevant authorities.