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CDDCCenter for Digital Discourse and Culture
CDDCCounty Durham Development Company (Durham County Council business arm; Aykley Heads, England, UK)
CDDCComprehensive Digestive Disease Center (University of California, Irvine)
CDDCCargo Data Declaration Charge
CDDCCollaborative Digital Design Center
CDDCConduction System Disease associated to Dilated Cardiomyopathy
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For "Adam Cast Forth," also from El otto, el mismo, Borges chose the Petrarchan sonnet, although he departs from the traditional rhyme scheme ABBA ABBA that tends to unite the quatrains and substitutes a rhyme scheme he often employs in his Petrarchan sonnets: ABBA CDDC followed by EEF GGF, thereby employing more than the standard Italian maximum of five rhymes.
As expected, the CDDC treatment resulted in the highest retention values because it is a dual treatment process.
Stewart Watkins, CDDC managing director, said: "NETPark Net has provided a platform for a much wider array of companies to get involved in, and to access the expertise of, NETPark.
lieves, has been viness stories as Kromek ectronics Technology Watkins headed up p CDDC as executive director in 2000 and director in 2005.
Mason first made the all-important contacts in the industry at a CDDC space networking event in 2009, at around the time when the company was looking to diversify due to a dip in the automotive market.
com/spacetech or call CDDC on 0191 370 8680 for more information.
Stewart Watkins, managing director of CDDC, said: "Kromek's growth at NETPark is proof not only of the strength of its products, but also of the potential NETPark has as a place where science and technology companies can access the right support and facilities to blossom.
Catherine Johns, director of innovation development at CDDC, said: "Dr Mark's achievements are incredibly inspiring and it's been a real honour to hear her speak about her far-reaching studies into women's health, both in space and on Earth.
CDDC managing director Stewart Watkins said: "The NETPark Incubator is designed to support innovative companies like Eshtech, and it''s fantastic to see the firm graduating from a virtual office to a location at NETPark.
Stewart Watkins, managing director of CDDC, said: "This year we've attracted some of the biggest names in the photovoltaic industry and their insight into the solar power revolution will be invaluable for businesses looking to develop in this cutting edge field or gain insider tips to expand their companies further.
Stewart Watkins, managing director of CDDC, which manages NETPark, said the new facility would take the business park "to the next level".
Stewart Watkins, managing director of CDDC, said: "Dr Buckley and his team have gained a reputation for excellence within the photovoltaic field and we're delighted that he'll be giving a real insight into the industry at Solar Flair.