CDDFCenter Director's Discretionary Fund (NASA)
CDDFCommunity Development and Design Forum
CDDFCall Data Distribution Function
CDDFCommunity Directed Development Foundation (Accra, Ghana)
CDDFCongenital Developmental Defects Frequency
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We are excited that the CDDF acknowledged our preliminary findings in the nanobacteria calcification/biomineralization field and decided to fund our future studies," stated David McKay, PhD, Chief Scientist for Astrobiology in the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate at NASA's Johnson Space Center.
CDDF is the new kid on the block, that came from virtually nowhere a few years ago but which now accounts for 28% of the value of the total market now.
Research from Edward Baker -- which claims market leadership in dry food -- shows that CDDF has achieved high levels of trial among dog owners, and that 39% of owners are using dry foods.