CDDGSCorn Dried Distillers Grains Plus Solubles
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Plasma G and UN concentrations increased with increasing supplemental CDDGS provided during all grazing periods (p<0.
The effects of CDDGS supplementation levels on intake, apparent digestibility, ruminal degradability and passage rate of forage consumed by beef steers grazing native rangeland during forage dormant season are shown in Table 2.
The effect of amount CDDGS supplemental on ruminal fermentation patterns and liquids kinetics of forage consumed by beef steers grazing a native range during forage dormant season are shown in Table 3.
The results indicate that supplementing cattle grazing native rangelands with CDDGS at up to 0.
Effect of corn dried distillers grain with solubles supplementation on productive performance and blood metabolites of beef steers grazing native rangeland Level of CDDGS supplementation 0% BW 0.
The great finding in this study was that although feed cost was significantly higher in the animals fed diet containing roasted SBM and CDDGS for the whole feeding period compared to the control animals (p < 0.
The estimating RUP of CDDGS in the current study was 60.
The increased milk production was strongly observed when roasted SBM and CDDGS mixture added in the diet of dairy cows but this would depend upon the protein quality of feed currently used in the current study.
The greater income in the animals fed a mixture of roasted SBM and CDDGS substituted for concentrate might relate to higher milk production compared to the control animals.