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CDDICopper Distributed Data Interface
CDDICopper Data Distributed Interface (computer networking)
CDDICable Distributed Data Interface
CDDIColor Doppler-Assisted Duplex Imaging (neurology)
CDDICoaxial Distributed Data Interface
CDDIColor-Coded Duplex Imaging (neurosurgery)
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thus, over the years, some 750 people in difficulty of insertion succeeded each other under different statuses (preparation for release from prison / spip, beneficiaries of the rmi in activities of general interest, then ces, cui -cae, cddi etc.) the department, when taking over in 2018 direct management, wished to pursue a long-term integration project on this remarkable site, also using an integration project to to continue in saint-martin de boscherville the integration dynamic by the economic activity that the atar had instilled.
All three can switch data to servers and/or backbone networks via 155 Mb/s ATM links or 100 Mb/s FDDI or CDDI (FDDI over twisted pair) links.
The three firms were part of 26 large State-owned enterprises the CDDI chose to inspect in its latest anti-corruption drive.
As the organization grows, SGS-Thomson expects to switch either to fiber cable (FDDI) or copper cable (CDDI) in large portions of their facilities.