CDDOCCentcom Deployment Distribution Operations Center
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6) However, when actually deployed in early 2004, CDDOC was assigned not to a theater commander or any component but to USCENTCOM headquarters under the J4.
CDDOC operated within AR-CENT headquarters to support unity of effort for the retrograde, maintain asset and in-transit visibility, and synchronize strategic transportation.
Kevin LaFrance, the organization's Army senior sustainment officer, the diversity that exists within CDDOC is a huge advantage.
The CDDOC joined with Combined Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) and the DLA to provide more reliable and responsive support to Combined Joint task Force 76 in Afghanistan.
In addition to the usual gray Air Force cargo planes, the CDDOC contracted commercial aircraft--most notably Russian IL-76 cargo planes.
The CDDOC has improved readiness and enabled operational agility by diverting critical items (i.
The CDDOC unit was developed, tested, and fielded in theater not many weeks after USTRANSCOM's appointment as the distribution process owner.
The CDDOC developed a partnership with the Department of the Army, DLA, the Coalition Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC), Combined Joint Task Force-7 in Iraq, and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) to package materiel on pure pallets for troops at far forward locations, establish container management teams in theater, and divert large items from air lines of communication to ocean shipping in order to free up scarce air assets for operational use.
The CDDOC, termed by some to be a JMC on steroids, (73) offered "enhanced ITV [intransit visibility], reach back and decisionmaking authority, logistics experts within the reach of the warfighter, and actions in force flow and sustainment, all of which assisted the theater operational commanders in the accomplishment of their missions.
The relationships that the CDDOC built with the Kuwaiti airport personnel proved to be invaluable as it finalized the memorandum of agreement that officially established the rules and procedures governing Theater Express operations.