CDDOCCentcom Deployment Distribution Operations Center
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The original concept, titled Joint Intermodal Distribution Operations Center, envisioned the new center under the tactical control of a "theater commander, nested into existing Theater Support Command." (6) However, when actually deployed in early 2004, CDDOC was assigned not to a theater commander or any component but to USCENTCOM headquarters under the J4.
CDDOC. CDDOC's mission was to synchronize and optimize strategic and theater multimodal resources to maximize distribution, force movement, and sustainment.
Teamwork plays an integral part in making such a challenging mission work, he added, noting that the CDDOC's cohesion is tied directly to the detailed training program each person receives throughout his tenure with the unit.
The CDDOC joined with Combined Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) and the DLA to provide more reliable and responsive support to Combined Joint task Force 76 in Afghanistan.
The CDDOC has improved readiness and enabled operational agility by diverting critical items (i.e., armored vehicle track assemblies) to where they were needed most in the USCENTCOM theater, and it accelerated redeployments, such as the 101st Airborne Division, by up to three weeks.
Also, the command's strongest "quick win" to date--the small, agile CDDOC mentioned earlier--is focused on measuring cargo movement visibility, time-definite delivery to the theater, and movement of retrograde cargo back to U.S.
The CDDOC now operating for Central Command in Operation Iraqi Freedom is just a starting point for transporters and logisticians.
Using the Joint Movement Center concept as a starting point, TRANSCOM, together with the Army Materiel Command, coordinated with CENTCOM and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to develop a CENTCOM Deployment Distribution Operations Center (CDDOC).