CDDPCisplatin (cancer drug)
CDDPCentre Départemental de Documentation Pédagogique (French: Departmental Center for Educational Documentation)
CDDPCertified Demand Driven Planner (Demand Driven Institute)
CDDPContinue Directe Democratie Partij (Dutch: Continuous Direct Democracy Party)
CDDPCommand Deployment Discipline Program (US Army)
CDDPChicago Deep Dish Pizza
CDDPCenter for Development of Disadvantaged People (India)
CDDPCis-Dichloro-Diamine-Platinum (aka Cis-Diamine-Dichloro-Platinum)
CDDPChronic Dysimmune Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
CDDPCataloging Distribution Data Processing
CDDPComposite Dansen Droplet Pills (angina treatment)
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Among those, T[sub]max for tanshinol, metabolite 4-hydroxy-3-methoxylphenyllactic acid, protocatechuic acid, notoginsenoside R[sub]1, and ginsenoside Rg[sub]1 were all <1 h, indicating that CDDP was absorbed very rapidly after its oral administration, while a moderate absorption rate for ginsenoside Rg[sub]1 was observed with a relatively longer half-life, maintaining a sustainable clinical effectiveness.
On the other hand, anti-cancer drug CDDP caused severe adverse effects such as the reduction in final body, spleen and thymus weights, and food consumption compared to normal or control mice.
AR 525-93 sets minimum CDDP standards, but Army commands and Army service component commands can develop and tailor CDDP to specific units.
Our data suggests that cardiotoxicities were very commonly observed with 5-FU/CDDP (36 out 72 patients) as compared to other 5-FU based chemotherapy regimens which can be explained in the light of the fact that cardiotoxicity is a well-known toxicity of CDDP and has been observed in 15% patients receiving 5-FU and CDDP combination11 but bradycardia is not associated with CDDP.
The Dairy Hub CDDP has enlisted the support of several key players in the dairy industry including Engro Foods Ltd, Nestl Pakistan Ltd and the Livestock & Dairy Development Board (LDDB).
02 38 versus 24 CDDP, cisplatin ; CI, confidence interval; ECF, epirubicin, cisplatin and 5-FU; 5-FU, 5-fluorouracil Table 2: Results of meta-analyses Hazard ratio for overall Author (year) Number of Number of survival studies patients (95% CI) Hermans (1993) [11] 11 2096 0.
The combination of DNA synthesis termination by GEM and CDDP through different mechanisms may lead to a synergistic effect of these 2 agents in vivo.
Negotiating the byzantine maze of philanthropic management regulations in India is not easy (Sidel, 2001); however, CDDP is one of only a handful of Indian NGOs to be recognized by both the United Nations and the World Bank.
31-40 13 10 41-50 12 14 51-60 5 6 Parity 1 0 1 2 4 5 3 7 6 4 10 13 5 6 5 6 3 0 FIGO Stage II B 13 14 III B 17 16 Gross Pathology Ulcerative 19 19 Exophylic 8 7 Infilrative 3 4 Histopathology LCNK 22 21 LCK 8 9 Clear cell type 0 0 RT = Radiotherapy, CDDP = Cisplatin, GEM = Gemcitabine, n = No.
13) Biringanine Ndagano et Monique Blerald-Ndagano, Introduction a la litterature guyanaise (Guyane: CDDP, 1996) 7.
Further studies, however, have provided mechanistic evidence for CDDP biotransformation leading to oxidative stress along with a cascade of redox-associated events.
CDDP is extensively used in children with brain tumors and solid malignancies because of its antitumor activity.