CDDPCisplatin (cancer drug)
CDDPCentre Départemental de Documentation Pédagogique (French: Departmental Center for Educational Documentation)
CDDPCertified Demand Driven Planner (Demand Driven Institute)
CDDPContinue Directe Democratie Partij (Dutch: Continuous Direct Democracy Party)
CDDPCommand Deployment Discipline Program (US Army)
CDDPChicago Deep Dish Pizza
CDDPCenter for Development of Disadvantaged People (India)
CDDPCis-Dichloro-Diamine-Platinum (aka Cis-Diamine-Dichloro-Platinum)
CDDPChronic Dysimmune Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
CDDPComposite Dansen Droplet Pills (angina treatment)
CDDPCataloging Distribution Data Processing
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Lipoplatin (LIPO) is a liposomally encapsulated form of CDDP [12].
When BALB/c mice were treated with a lower dose of CDDP (15 mg/kg) after 1000 Bq/m3 radon inhalation, the creatinine level was reduced and the superoxide dismutase content was increased, suggesting that this combination might have a protective effect against the CDDP-induced renal damage.
The dysregulation of calcium homeostasis and calcium signaling is known to contribute to the neurotoxic side effects of CDDP Particularly, voltage-gated calcium channels are believed to play a role in CDDP-induced neurotoxicity [4].
CDDP has proven to be one of the more efficient anticancer chemotherapeutic agents because it targets multiple intracellular sites in order to induce death in tumor cells (Olszewski & Hamilton, 2010).
He underwent four cycles of systemic chemotherapy with capecitabine (cape)/cisplatin (CDDP) (cape 2000 mg/ sqm [much greater than] 3,000 mg/body days 1-14, CDDP 80 mg/ sqm [much greater than] 130 mg/body day 1, every 3 weeks), which resulted in progressive disease.
As induction chemotherapy, CDDP and DOC were both administered at 60 mg/m2 on day 1 and 5-FU at 600 mg/[m.sup.2] from day 1 to day 5.
The CRT consisted of 50.4 Gy in 28 fractions of radiation and four courses of chemotherapy (CDDP 60 mg/[m.sup.2] on day 1, 5-FU 750 mg/[m.sup.2] on days 1 to 4).
Our results provide novel insight into the CDDP resistance of OS, which may help to improve the efficacy of chemotherapy.
Simon Eagle is a senior supply chain consultant with CAMELOT MC in the UK, and a certified instructor of the Demand Driven Institute's CDDP (Certified Demand Driven Planner).
After the first pathological report as poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, clinicians decided to start chemotherapy (S-1, CDDP) as soon as possible due to advanced condition of our patient.
Compared with 5-fluorouracil, bleomycin, and epirubicin, cisplatin (CDDP) was demonstrated to be a better anticancer drug with high activities and durable responses in NPC therapy in clinical studies [14].