CDDRCustomary Drinking and Drug Use Record
CDDRCable-Direct-Driven Robot
CDDRCost and Delivery Data Report
CDDRComprehensive Directory of Disability Resources
CDDRContract Data Description Report
CDDRCoordinated Design Data Required
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This unlawful conduct by the government, which includes but is not limited to the violent dispersal of peaceful rallies, arrests of protesters, police blocking meetings of opposition parties, threats of violence and intimidation through manipulation of ethnic tensions, trumped up investigations, censorship of media, and attempts to de-register a party, all contribute to a pattern of unlawful harassment of representing breaches of Zambian law and Zambia's obligations under international law," states the CDDR letter.
The letter, which is signed by international lawyer Robert Amsterdam, counsel to CDDR, cites specific incidents in which the rights of both the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) were violated by unlawful state conduct.
We believe that Zambia deserves better than a government that willfully breaks the law to deny citizens their right to participate in politics," states the CDDR letter.
Among the first actions of the CDDR will be the submission of a comprehensive document detailing the Patriotic Front's legal violations and judicial interference for submission before relevant international bodies.