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CDDSComponent Documentation Data System
CDDSCommand Data and Data Storage
CDDSCluster Data Disposition System
CDDSCommercial Document Delivery Service
CDDSCommand and Data System (NASA)
CDDSControlled Documents Distribution System
CDDSCITS Deployable Diagnostic System (B-1)
CDDSCockpit Demo Development Station
CDDSCorporate Data Dictionary System
CDDSCAD (Computer-Aided Design) Design & Drafting Services (India)
CDDSCommunications and Data Distribution System (NASA)
CDDSCombat Developments Data System (US Army TRADOC)
CDDSComité pour le Développement Durable en Santé (French: Committee for Sustainable Development in Health)
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cities suggested that cities with very large CDDs would benefit from cool roofs while those with high HDDs would benefit from darker, more absorptive roofs (Mellott et al.
The success of the proposed temperature model and (24) were tested in terms of forecasting Cooling Degree Day (CDD), which is another index based on temperature, and HDD values for the 12 cities listed in Tables 1 and 2.
With perhaps the limited exception for CDDs, is there reason for community association counsel to concern themselves as to whether the Second Amendment to the U.S.
Conducting analysis on Hong Kong, both Lam (1998) and Yan (1998) found a strong correlation between electricity consumption and temperature wherein the temperature was introduced in the form of CDDs and mean temperatures respectively in the two studies.
There are over 600 Community Driven Development (CDD) projects that support environment-friendly livelihoods - stall feeding to reduce dependence on grazing, fish farming to reduce pressure on Lake Victoria wild fisheries, using biogas to lower their dependence on fuel wood.
* Program Summary, with focus on the synchronization of SoS efforts across other CDDs, Capability Production Documents, and Joint DCR.
Third, we found that power in the first stage was aided by using one-month lagged HDDs and CDDs (cooling degree days) rather than cumulative HDDs.
Community Development Districts (CDDs) are localized governmental entities which provide fundamental infrastructure improvements that are geared toward new development within the state of Florida.
Typically, climate is treated as an independent parameter in the regression of energy performance in the form of heating degree days (HDDs) and cooling degree days (CDDs) (Hong et al 2013).
Colonic drug delivery system (CDDS) has gained increased importance not only for the delivery of the drugs for the management of diseases associated with the colon like Crohn's disease but also for the systemic delivery of proteins and therapeutic peptides.
JCIDS defines the requirements in capability documents--initial capabiliteis documents (ICDs), capability development documents (CDDs), and capability production documents (CPDs).