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CDECCommission Départementale d'Equipement Commercial (French: Departmental Committee of Commercial Equipment)
CDECCorporation de Développement Économique Communautaire
CDECCombined Document Exploitation Center (US military during Vietnam War)
CDECCivil Defence Executive Committee (Singapore)
CDECCenter for Design of Educational Computing (Carnegie Mellon)
CDECCombat Development Experimentation Command
CDECCommunity District Education Council
CDECCombat Developments Experimentation Center
CDECControlling Device for Engine Control
CDECCalifornia Data Exchange Center
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There are many ups and downs in the data packet transmission before deploying the CDEC method.
The solution installed by CDEC is a highly useable immersive style system.
The discussion was structured around four axes corresponding to four stages defined in collaboration with experts from CDECs, namely: (1) Arrival to Quebec and job search; (2) Disillusionment and desperation; (3) Consideration of other alternatives (to employment); and (4) Decision to start a business.
En el campo cognitivo, la tarea CDEC es casi identica a los procedimientos de igualacion a la muestra condicionales.
The CDEC mobilized local actors and residents against this project.
Financiadas por diversas instituciones, gubernamentales y municipales, las acciones de las CDEC se inscriben en tres grandes ejes: la concertacion, el empleo y los servicios a las empresas.
The CDEC, which has the power to greenlight the project, will also examine Gaumont's expansion ambitions and CGR's desire to add 650 seats to its multiplex.
Contact Program Coordinator, Leslie Burkholder, CDEC, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA 15213; (412) 268-8532, Ib0q@andrew.
By the end of Valve's fifth world championship for Dota 2, Sumail's team American Evil Geniuses bested China's CDEC for the crown.
Representatives from CDEC and Transport Systems Catapult (TSC) centres will also present at the event, providing details of ongoing support being made available to software companies to turn their ideas into fully commercial solutions.
In April, Gaumont received approval from the CDEC, an organization created to review applications for plex construction, on a proposed 14-screen site in Paris.
SONY CDEC 486030); b) la edicion formidable de la obra completa para piano de Rodolfo Halffter, tocada de manera tersa e incisiva por Edison Quintana.