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The most important are CP, the company that owns the site, and the Socicete de developpement Angus (SDA), created by the CDEC Rosemont--Petite-Patrie.
The CDEC mobilized local actors and residents against this project.
To gain an overall profile of the neighbourhood's workforce and its training needs, the CDEC set up a working group called the Comite de Relance Angus (Angus revitalization committee (10)).
The Technopole project and the Societe de developpement Angus (SDA) emerged from the Corporation de developpement economique communautaire (CDEC) in the Rosemont--Petite-Pattie district.
A collective action, which at the outset could have simply been union-related and reactive, eventually won over the entire community and became proactive, through the action of the CDEC and, subsequently, the SDA, and the support of organizations from inside as well as outside the area.
In that respect, action by the CDECs has been particularly successful.
In particular, this vision is ignored by the majority of CDECs. Nevertheless, they have to adjust to it and this is raising different challenges for them and for the traditional promoters of local economic development.
The Institutionalization of Local Economic Development in Montreal: From the CDECs to the CLDs
The CDECs represent an important shift in community action that was previously directed to the sphere of consumption and which was embodied in organizations promoting conflict and self-help.
As we mentioned earlier, actors in the market were also taken into account by the initiators of the CDECs : they were seen as generators of jobs and their representatives were invited and agreed to sit on the boards of directors of the CDECs, occupying, in most cases, as many seats as did the community organizations.
In 1990, the City made public its action plan called Partenaires dans le developpement economique des quartiers ("Partners in the economic development of the neighbourhoods") in which it announced its interest in the approach to local economic development and its support for the CDECs.