CDEPCommunity Development Employment Projects (indigenous peoples' government programs; Australia)
CDEPContactless Dielectrophoresis (particle manipulation)
CDEPComprehensive District Education Plan
CDEPCenter for the Designed Environment Professions, Inc. (Philippines)
CDEPConnecticut Department of Environmental Protection (Hartford, CT; est. 1971)
CDEPCooperative Developmental Energy Program (Fort Valley State University; Georgia)
CDEPCertificate in Distance Education Program
CDEPCommon Data Extraction Program
CDEPCommunicable Disease Epidemiology Program (health surveillance; Utah)
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Prof Tanner, chairman of the CDEP, was speaking at a meeting of Durham County Council's Economy and Enterprise Overview and Scrutiny Committee.
proposals to abolish the CDEP scheme--essential for income support and
One contributing factor to a reduction in Indigenous employees was the phasing out by government of the CDEP. The CDEP scheme was designed to address disadvantage experienced by Indigenous communities in their access to social security and mainstream labour market programs and opportunities.
The CDEP aims to develop a nationwide system providing access to data on industry-recognized certifications that can be added to SLDS.
At the time of the study the welfare-oriented CDEP was in a phase of transition to the more vocation-focused Remote Jobs and Communities Program (RJCP).
CDEP participants qualify for additional income above their income support entitlement in the form of a CDEP 'participant supplement'.
(2009), 'Important Information About Changes to CDEP', accessed from: http://centrenet/homepage/dived/brindig/cdep/helpdesk.htm.
The article begins by introducing the CDEP scheme and its origins in the 1970s.
CDEP schemes were treated as if their sole purpose is to provide "real" jobs, and all CDEP participants were deemed to have a job.
We would like to thank the following for their great assistance in making this manuscript possible: Cedric Alexander, VFWD; Kristine Rines, NHFG; Lee Kantar, MDIFW; Ed Reed and Chuck Dente, NYDC, Bureau of Wildlife; Howard Kilpatrick and Andrew Labonte, CDEP; Sonja Christensen and Dave Scarpitti, MDFW; Lori Gibson, RIDFW; Carrol Condolf, NJDFW; and Bret Wallingford, Pennsylvania Game Commission.
We must know the people working here, we have to trust the workers who look after our kids; in this community you must be on CDEP (1) to work in child care.
Common examples: a senior person wanted to use the council's four-wheel-drive to go to town for a break, or to visit their outstation, using the community's diesel; or asked the CDEP wages manager to overlook his non-attendance and pay him for un-worked hours.