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CDERCenter for Drug Evaluation and Research (US FDA)
CDERCenter for Drug Evaluation and Research (Food and Drug Administration; Maryland)
CDERCentre de Développement des Energies Renouvelables (French)
CDERComputer Data Entry Recorder
CDERCentre de Developpement des Energies Renouvables (French)
CDERCentre for Diabetes and Endocrinology Research (Queensland, Australia)
CDERClient Development and Evaluation Report (California Department of Developmental Services)
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InterrogAaAaAeA@ sur le rAaAaAeA le du CDER dans cette politique, M.
CDER launched the DataFit project in 2011 with the goal of enabling its reviewers to rapidly assess whether submitted data was "fit for use" - to make the submission process more efficient and help get important new drugs to market safely and more quickly.
Category 3 lists the most serious CDER enforcement activities: consent decrees to halt manufacturing with full plant closure.
The company and the CDER have filed their joint clinical trials proposal for review by the FDA Commissioner.
I don't think she's the kind of CDER director we need right now," Dr.
CDER may meet with sponsors during the review process to discuss scientific, medical, and procedural issues and give the sponsors an opportunity to correct deficiencies.
Le CDER est un partenaire actif dans le programme national de developpement des energies renouvelables, a indique a l'APS son directeur, Noureddine Yassaa.
These numbers include both new molecular entities (NMEs), submitted to CDER in New Drug Applications (NDAs) and new therapeutic biologies submitted to CDER in Biologies License Applications (BLAs).
By reviewing the data in this case study, the research is establishing some anecdotal evidence about CDER performance and its use of quality assurance techniques.
CDER assesses new medications and monitors the safety of drugs on the market.
The monitoring board said it came away from meetings with CDER staff and management "with a deep concern about CDER's organizational health.