CDFECenter for the Defense of Free Enterprise
CDFECortical Dysplasia Focal Epilepsy
CDFECenter for Democracy and Free Enterprise (democracy and free enterprise organization; Prague, Czech Republic)
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Figure 5 shows the experimental results of the MSDA based on ELM method compared with some cross-modality learning methods, such as PLS [36], CDFE [37], PCA + CCA [38], and MvDA [39].
The animals were hyperactive and suffered epileptic seizures like patients with CDFE.
This frame is central to Arnold's reputation and his role at the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise (CDFE) in Bellevue, Washington, a "Wise Use" advocacy group in which Arnold has long played a top leadership role.
But then, as Paul Driessen's boss at CDFE reminds us, "Facts don't really matter.