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Although reported heights of stems are up to 4 m and basal stem diameters up to 12 cm (Wells 1962; CDFG 2005; Hannan 2012), we observed one individual that was ~5.5 m tall (Fig.
California Department of Fish and Game Interagency Wildlife Task Group (CDFG).
During the 1980's, the CDFG ran a voluntary Drift Gillnet Fishery Observer Program.
approving the plan, FWS and CDFG indeed acknowledged that the project
Water temperature has been measured sporadically at multiple sites in the Klamath River by CDFG, and in the John Day River by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and U.S.
California Department Fish and Game (CDFG) delineated Suisun Marsh vegetation types from true colour aerial photographs taken in June 1991 using a 1: 9,600 spatial resolution (CDFG, Bay Delta Division, Stockton, California, USA).
gibertii 00 3,53 Bf 3,97 ABg 2,35 Cg 4,19 Ah 01 3,64 BCDf 4,38 ABCfg 3,62 CDfg 4,68 Ah 02 5,51 Af 5,96 Afg 5,31 ABfg 6,03 Agh 03 8,28 Aef 8,49 Aefg 7,57 ABefg 8,30 Afgh 04 11,10 Ade 11,11 Adef 10,34 Adefg 10,40 Aefg 05 14,84 Acd 15,18 Acde 14,35 Acdef 12,93 ABdef 06 17,32 Abc 16,71 ABcd 17,35 Abcde 15,13 ABcde 07 20,91 Ab 19,99 ABbc 20,72 Aabcd 16,47 ABCbcd 08 26,07 Aa 24,04 ABab 24,07 Aabc 19,38 ABCabc 09 30,24 Aa 25,90 ABab 26,63 ABab 21,50 ABab 10 30,28 Aa 28,91 ABa 29,54 Aa 22,41 ABa Mes Porta-enxerto Geral P.
1995), an extensive search for this species -- which is on California's list of threatened species (CDFG 2008) -- was carried out throughout the Sacramento Valley and Sierra foothills.
The recovery of one of California's most imperiled species, the endangered Santa Cruz long-toed salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum), took a dramatic step forward in May 2007 when a key 55-acre (22-hectare) property supporting this species was acquired through the collaborative efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Board, the Trust for Public Land, the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG), and the U.S.
The leadership training by Centre de developpement femmes et gouvernance (Centre for the Development of Women in Governance CDFG) will provide four, five day courses in four different parts of Quebec annually for three years.