CDFICommunity Development Financial Institutions
CDFIColor Doppler Flow Imaging
CDFICommunity Development Finance Initiative (various communities)
CDFICareer Development Facilitator Instructor (South Carolina)
CDFICaspar David Friedrich Instituts (German: Caspar David Friedrich Institute; Greifswald, Germany)
CDFICenter for the Development of Functional Imaging (University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL)
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Perlow added, "Our thanks to the CDFI Fund for their invaluable assistance with this project.
Today's awards highlight how much the CDFI program has contributed in its 20-year history toward building a strong network of CDFIs across the country," CDFI Fund Director Annie Donovan said.
Clearinghouse CDFI will be able to use Bank products and services to achieve its community finance mission," said Dean Schultz, President and Chief Executive Officer, FHLBank San Francisco.
By facilitating the CDFI application process and, ultimately, increasing the number of certified CDFI credit unions, were laying the foundation for greater access to affordable financial services and more investment in local communities.
The NCUA said CDFI certification has been the doorway to the largest source of non-deposit capital for credit unions.
The Wachovia CDFI Excellence Awards presented by the National Community Capital Association focus attention on those leaders in the field of community development who have demonstrated excellence in their efforts to service communities of opportunity.
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) benefits from stable demand and steady enrollment growth, resulting in continued demand for campus housing, for which CDFI provides just over half of all beds available to residential students.
The CDFIs that participate in the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program are at the cutting edge of community development finance.
Donovan put defending and expanding the CDFI Fund's budget at the top of the fund's priority list for 2015, pointing out that the fund has enjoyed five years of strong bipartisan budget support in Congress, but that the fund cannot take that for granted going forward.
Credit unions that are certified can take advantage of training and competitive award programs provided through the CDFI Fund.
The grant award is funded from the Native American CDFI Assistance program, for certified Native Community Development Financial Institutions (Native CDFIs).
5m in the firm, which is believed to be the largest such investment in Clearinghouse CDFI to date.