CDFICommunity Development Financial Institutions
CDFIColor Doppler Flow Imaging
CDFICommunity Development Finance Initiative (various communities)
CDFICareer Development Facilitator Instructor (South Carolina)
CDFICaspar David Friedrich Instituts (German: Caspar David Friedrich Institute; Greifswald, Germany)
CDFICenter for the Development of Functional Imaging (University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL)
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CDEs must apply annually to the CDFI Fund to compete for New Markets Tax Credit Program allocation authority.
Now after billions in tax cuts that were supposed to help small businesses have actually gone to the top one percent, the Administration wants to slash the vital CDFI program.
These decreases were offset in part by the grant for $233 thousand that was received from the CDFI Fund in the third quarter of 2018 and an increase of $50 thousand in loan loss provision recapture compared to the prior year.
The new CDFI is Freedom Northwest Credit Union, with four locations in the Kamiah/Nez Perce area.
"Thanks to the support of the CDFI Fund, we have been able to bring transformative development projects that create jobs along with affordable housing, education and childcare facilities, health care centers, energy resiliency, and healthy food options in distressed communities across the country."
Under the administration's plan, funds for administrative expenses to support ongoing CDFI Fund activities would continue and the program's bond guarantee program also would continue.
Out of 32 applications, 20 CDFI loan funds across the nation received NACA Financial Assistance Awards, totaling $12,964,998 to awardees in 15 states.
As a CDFI, responsible lending is critical and a Five Lamps Conduit loan provides access to fair, affordable finance and it comes with an APR and terms that are more financially viable for people with low income who may have poor credit history.
Quontic Bank, as a CDFI bank, is able to substitute a high down-payment requirement of at least 40 percent, and other safeguards, in place of traditional income documentation.
Total obstructive clots were built in the right femoral arteries in 36 rabbits by color Doppler flow imaging (CDFI).
Having reported that 2014-15 had been another year of significant growth for ART, achieved with the support of Government and Unity Trust and Co-operative banks, he said: "Planning for the future would be eased considerably if support for ART and the wider CDFI sector could be achieved with a longer term strategic funding source.
Blood flow within and around the stent, as well as the signal of blood flow from outside of an aneurysm to the inside, were detected by color Doppler flow imaging (CDFI), and the presence of an arterial spectrum was verified.