CDFJCenter for Defending Freedom of Journalists (Jordan)
CDFJCollege Doctoral Franco-Japonais (French: Franco-Japanese Doctoral College)
CDFJChampion De France Junior
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Conducted by the CDFJ's Arab world wing Sanad, the study looks at violent acts against journalists in this region during the first six months of 2015.
At this juncture, having executed two highly successful forums, CDFJ is seeking to expand, institutionalize, and achieve sustainability for the MFD Forum to serve as an annual, regional platform for major local and international civil society actors, journalists, activists, and academics to discuss issues surrounding media and the current affairs through activities that go beyond the usual discussions and networking.
The 3rd MFD Forum will be the start of CDFJ's long term strategy to achieve this goal.
Fadi Al-Qadi, media and human rights activist, moderated the debate, which is part of a series of activities marking WPFD, and organized by a group of media organizations and media development initiatives including USAID's Jordan Media Strengthening Program, CDFJ, Danish International Media Support, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, and the social media entrepreneurship group 7iber.
In a statement marking World Press Freedom Day, CDFJ said gross, multiple violations had continued unabated, and also referred to such breaches "that journalists do not talk about," such as denial of access to information, censorship and "soft containment," which all ultimately restrain media freedom.
CDFJ Chairman and MP Mamdouh Abbadi said that members of the press should set
"Media freedom never means publishing misleading and unsubstantiated information," a CDFJ statement Thursday said while stressing, posting such information could affect public opinion and the Kasasbeh family as well as the path of negotiations to ensure the release of the pilot.
The countries of the (Arab Spring) revolutions, such as Egypt and Tunisia, are perhaps where the most violations and physical assaults against journalists are still being recorded, including torture, harassment and inhumane and humiliating treatment," said CDFJ president Nidal Mansour.
The report, brought out every year by the CDFJ for 12 years now, tackles the state of press legislation, noting a "clear decline in systematic violations seen during Arab Spring revolts and protests that swept the Arab world."
Receiving the 2011 press freedoms report as he welcomed a Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists CDFJ team, Masri said press freedom is a key goal of reform and good governance.
He told the conference, organized by the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ) and Free Voice Organization in Netherlands, that judiciary as one of the three constitutional power and press, known as the fourth power are partners in supporting freedom of press.
The workshop was organized by the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists (CDFJ) with the support of Dutch Embassy in Amman.