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CDFSCompact Disc File System
CDFSCloud Depiction and Forecast System
CDFSCommon Departmental Financial System (Canada)
CDFSCommerz Derivatives Funds Solutions SA
CDFSCore Driven Fan Stage
CDFSCapital District Fencing School (Schenectady, New York)
CDFSCouncil on Drugs and Food Sanitation
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MPs should realise that the best and cheapest way to get re-elected is to use all CDF funds for the benefit of the community.
Furthermore, Figures 2 and 3 demonstrate the CDFs of returns for those months that have relatively higher returns in both high- and low-beta portfolios.
Plots of the EGSGu (3, 2) pdf, histogram, exact and empirical cdfs for simulated data with n = 200.
(1) By using the CSI from the RAUs to the user and the probability theory, the CDF of the users' SINR and the ergodic capacities of various transmission modes are first derived theoretically.
The CDF programs as encapsulated in the National Government Constituencies Development Fund Act of 2015 (Laws of Kenya), have, however, been judged to be politically driven initiatives, at least to the extent that they "nurture the integration of diverse communities into a common set of political and social values in support of the existing system" (Baskin, 2010, p.
Then the CDF of output variables can be calculated by a numerical integral of (19).
Caption: Figure 10: Comparison of the observed CDF and the best-fit CDF of semi-major axis.
(i) from this description, we will not be able to extract the known 1D cdfs, but
The cumulative distribution function (CDF) of the K-factor values is shown in Figure 5(b).
Different from three-stream ACE, it has the third bypass duct, front VABI, and the core-driven fan stage (CDFS) [3].
The K-S test essentially compares the curves of two cumulative distribution functions (CDFs) [29, 30].