CDFUCordova District Fishermen United (Cordova, AK)
CDFUCommunication for Development Foundation Uganda
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This Phase 2 cDFU clinical trial of the proprietary gel formulation Nu-3 will commence in early 2019 under the direction of the prominent Bahamian surgeon, Dr Daniel Johnson, who is the principal and chief researcher of Foot and Ankle International (Bahamas).
Under the Phase 2 cDFU clinical trial, the company will seek to recruit up to 120 patients for the entire clinical trial and has identified the Bahamas as not only an up and coming location for medical specialty in DFU in the treatment of diabetic foot wounds and ulcers, but also a potential source of large numbers of patients.
From this pool, the CDFU executive director helped to identify fishers that were permanent residents of Cordova and potentially available for an in-person interview.
For the BGQ and CDFU schemes, our MCMC method begins with posterior draws of ([A.sub.0](k), [A.sub.+](k)) under a recursive system with [A.sub.+](k) = B[A.sub.0](k), using the method of Sims and Zha (2005).
This result is crucial because it allows us to consider variance-only cases under the BGQ and CDFU schemes.
We obtain similar results for the BGQ and CDFU identification schemes.
The impulse responses for the CDFU identification are displayed in Figure 8.
(27) As discussed previously, the CDFU regimes are identical to the CEE regimes, and therefore, we report only the results for the CEE, GLSZ, and BGQ identifications.
(28) For the CDFU identification, the variances of reduced-form shocks are the same as in the CEE case, since an orthogonal transformation does not change these shock variances.