CDGAColumbus District Golf Association (Ohio)
CDGAChicago District Golf Association
CDGACentre de Développement et de Gestion de l'Artisanat (French management company)
CDGAConstitutional Delay of Growth and Adolescence
CDGACommutative Differential Graded Algebra
CDGACanada Dry Ginger Ale
CDGAColorado Dairy Goat Association
CDGACentre de Gros Automobiles (French: Automobile Wholesale Center)
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She was one of the first women in the golf industry to hold such a high-profile leadership role, and Dennis Davenport, who succeeded McCue as the CDGA executive director, called her "the gold standard for golf administrators.
We are deeply saddened to hear of Carols passing," said Robert Markionni, the current CDGA executive director.
During her time with the CDGA, McCue was also instrumental in creating the Illinois Open, which made its debut in 1950 and is now conducted by the Illinois Section of the Professional Golfers Association.
The full subcategory of CDGA consisting of semi-free curved differential graded algebras is denoted by sf CDGA.
described in (1) and (2), defines a functor from bCrg to CDGA.
Statements (1) and (2) establish that T is a mapping from bCrg to CDGA.
Total quantity or scope: Interventions are expected to tertiary environments, industrial, within the terminal buildings and perimeters operational units CDG1, CDGA, CDGE, CDGP, CMSC, Bourget and general aviation airfields.
The contract is for preventive and corrective maintenance of health networks and blocks, located in Terminals 2 A, B, C, D, A and AC Satellite binding CDGA operational unit.
A / context within which the marketMaintenance facilities Building Management perimeter CDGA, S3 and S4 terminals and perimeter CDGEB / Scope and Market Square in the operation or program and functional needs Pooling with the perimeter of the OU and CDGE CDGA the perimeter described above.
This consultation relates to preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment: inverters, chargers and converters (CDG 1, CDGA, CDGE, CDGP, Le Bourget).
All equipment in the terminals and buildings located in the perimeters of the operational units CDG 1, CDGA, CDGE, CDGP and Bourget and general aviation airports.
This contract covers the work (maintenance and repair) sealing of roofs and roofs and coverage of all buildings within the run by UO CDGA CDGE IMON ERC and CDGL heritage.