CDGMChild Development Group of Mississippi
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CDGM is owned by China South Industries Group Corp.
If LightPath and CDGM agree, the joint venture's production capacity can be expanded with additional investment of five million U.
LightPath and CDGM have unique technologies and capabilities which they believe, when integrated, can provide excellent solutions to the requirements of this market.
LightPath intends to consolidate the joint venture for financial statement purposes since LightPath has the right to appoint a majority of the members to the joint venture's Board of Directors and CDGM does not have substantive participating rights.
After only its first year of operation, political opposition to CDGM, both locally and in Washington, led to the elimination of its funding.
Shriver, responding to congressional pressure - particularly from Senator John Stennis - demanded that CDGM move its headquarters from Mt.
The CDGM did help thousands of children, and provided good jobs for hundreds of lower-income Blacks who became its teachers and other employees.
In discussing CDGM's relationship with Shriver, Marian Wright says that CDGM was scrapped by the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) because it wasn't "controllable.
CDGM won new funding from Congress, and the two groups competed for Head Start, each controlling a number of centers around the state.