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CDHACanadian Dental Hygienists Association
CDHACapital District Health Authority
CDHACalifornia Dental Hygienists' Association (Glendale, CA)
CDHACenter for Demography of Health and Aging
CDHAConnecticut Dental Hygienists' Association
CDHACapital District Humane Association, Inc. (Mechanicville, NY)
CDHACentre de Documentation Historique d'Algérie (French: Historical Documentation Center in Algeria)
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Additionally, professional associations, such as CDHA, might also investigate opportunities to provide continuing education courses in this area.
CDHA has endorsed baccalaureate level education For dental hygienists for many years.
CDHA 2001, Government response to the House of Representatives Inquiry into Indigenous Health--'Health is Life', Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra, viewed 7 December 2006 <www.
For dental hygienists, assistants and dentists, the CDHA recommends the following infection control measures during patient assessment:
Calcium-deficient hydroxyapatite (CDHA) are of greater biological interests than stoichiometric HA bone mineral essentially has a CDHA structure with a Ca/P ratio of about 1.
CDHA called on the Governor and Legislature to factor in the long-term costs to California that could result from neglecting those 8.
Along with the author and CDHA staff, a committee was convened to oversee the development of the position paper and assist in defining the scope of the review.
CDHA sent two follow-up email messages to all respondents 3 weeks and 6 weeks following the initial mailing, requesting nonresponders to complete the survey.
2-x]) has attracted many researchers as natural biocrystals of bone mineral has CDHA structure with Ca/P ratio of about 1.
The role of the dental professional is vital in early intervention because one of the first signs of meth use appears in the mouth," said Noel Kelsch, CDHA president and a registered dental hygienist in alternative practice (RDHAP) who is an expert in the impact of methamphetamines and oral health.
Inclusion criteria included both members and nonmembers of CDHA.
This category includes position papers developed by CDHA.