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CDHBCanterbury District Health Board (UK)
CDHBConsumer-Directed Health Benefit
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CDHB is still recruiting ENs for its mothers and babies and eating disorders service.
Today the CDHBs Canterbury Wellbeing Index has revealed the issues having a negative impact on Cantabrians as we enter the seventh year of our recovery.
Ryder's records were accessed via a picture archiving system that the CDHB uses to provide clinicians around the South Island with a platform to communicate and provide second opinions to one another.
Over the years strong relationships and partnerships have been established between St George's Maternity service and other health professionals, for example: midwife and GP LMCs, colleagues at Women's Health Division CDHB, Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology lecturers and midwifery students, NZCOM regional members, immunisation co-ordinators, well child providers, and other community agencies.
CDHB Service Manager for Children's Health Anne Morgan says she is very grateful to the Fresh Future Trust and Progressive Enterprises staff for all the hard work they put into raising funds for child health services.
Although Meates said that the alleged four staff members had not faced any disciplinary action yet, however, he hinted that if found guilty, the four could face dismissal as the CDHB takes a serious view of privacy breaches.
The findings related to staff retention reflected here are supported by a microanalysis undertaken at CDHB in 2010 of the Perioperative workforce studying the Postgraduate Certificate in Perioperative Specialty Nursing, which indicates 93 per cent retention and 31 per cent promotion rate (Nanette Ainge, personal communication, 23 March 2010).
Table 1: Examples of Psychosocial Recovery Advisory Group advice given to date Agency Description Outcome MSD Commentary on Draft National Planning Incorporated Framework for the Psycho-Social Response " Discussion of monitoring and evaluation Ongoing framework for psychosocial recovery involvement CERA Contributions to Sir Peter Gluckman Incorporated briefing on psychosocial recovery " Feedback on Draft Recovery Strategy Delivered CDHB Review of potential social and economic Internal costs of not supporting psychosocial distribution recovery Umbrella Commentary on Trauma Release Exercises Delivered Health
In July this year, CDHB chief executive David Meates acknowledged the stress and stressors that have affected and continue to unsettle staff and the community.
According to the survey--the second undertaken in the last four years--52 per cent of staff feel either frequently, or very frequently, fatigued in daily life, and just 42 per cent feel valued as CDHB employees.
The CDHB Credentialing process is outlined in the 'Application to Register for Advanced Credentialed Activity/skill' document' (2012).