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CDHPComputational Diffie Hellman Problem
CDHPConsumer-Directed Health Plan
CDHPCommission Départementale des Hospitalisations Psychiatriques (French: County Commission on Psychiatric Hospitalizations)
CDHPCommonwealth Dental Health Program (Australia)
CDHPConsumer Driven Healthcare Product
CDHPCystic Dystrophy in Heterotopic Pancreas (radiology)
CDHPCommission des Hospitalisations Psychiatriques (French: Commission of Psychiatric Hospitalizations)
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(2) Extended Chaotic-Map-Based CDHP: given [T.sub.r](x), [T.sub.s](x), [T.sub.z](x), T(*), and p, where r, s [greater than or equal to] 2, x [member of] (-[infinity], +[infinity]) and p is a large prime number, calculating
The CDHP clarified that experts had not yet reached a verdict on the risks of mobile phone, but that enough research suggests using cell phones too much may impact a person's health.
The scheme is unforgeable against the super Type I adversary in randomly oracle model if the CDHP is hard.
The authors were on secondment as part of the multicountry CODEMISUSED project and working with the Local Choice pharmacy group in SA (CDHP, MCvH, PD), Weldricks Pharmacy in the UK (CDHP) and Cara Pharmacy in Ireland (CDHP, PD, MCvH).
However, for different fluorouracil, such as 5-FU and S-1, the effect of DPD on them will be discrepant because of the existence of CDHP. As a component of S-1, CDHP is a strong DPD inhibitor; therefore, S-1 will generate higher concentration of 5-FU in both the blood and tumor tissue [18].
Table II presents the services provided by respondents practicing in a CDHP model.
While the term CDHP generally refers to a high-deductible health plan accompanied by a spending account, in practice not all plans considered CDHPs necessarily have both features.
Individuals eligible for health savings accounts, whether or not they were actually enrolled in one, were also counted in the CDHP group.
The results of some EBRI surveys implied that the shopping tools available to traditional plan enrollees might be about as good as the tools available to CDHP enrollees.
The forward primer nifHb1 (5'GGCTGCGATC CCAAGGCTGA3') and reverse primer CDHP nif723R (5'GATGTTCGC GCGGCACGAADT 3') were used for amplification of nif H gene (550 bp).
For similar reasons, I've always tried to avoid using the term "consumer-directed health plan" (CDHP), or anything like it, outside of direct quotes or proper names.