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CDHSColorado Department of Human Services
CDHSCalifornia Department of Health Services
CDHSCenter for Development of Human Services
CDHSCentral Dauphin High School (Harrisburg, PA, USA)
CDHSCardinal Dougherty High School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
CDHSComprehensive Data Handling System
CDHSCommand and Data Handling System
CDHSCampbellford District High School (Canada)
CDHSCommand and Data Handling Subsystem
CDHSCraniofacial-Deafness-Hand Syndrome
CDHSChesley District High School chesley (Ontario, Canada)
CDHSCentre de Documentation Sciences Humaines (French)
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To the west of the 390-bed hospital, a parking deck would alleviate parking problems at CDH. Village hall would be torn down and moved to free space for more development near the Metra station.
The CDHS pursues learning, truth, insights, and ultimately, improvements.
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a herniation of the abdominal content through a defect or hypoplasia of the diaphragm and is associated with varying degrees of pulmonary hypoplasia.
On ESTCube-1, the camera system also provides lossless data compression capabilities for telemetry data, collected by the CDHS [38].
Thus, a reduction in overall smoking prevalence is seen to be an explicit benefit of such legislation, because of the assumption that inconvenienced and vilified smokers will eventually be induced to quit (CDHS, 1998).
The CDHS has also recruited from other institutions a short roster of veteran educators with experience in identifying and securing federal and research contracts.
Our group findings warrant controlled trials in pediatric populations for evaluation of Botox because it may be an effective treatment option for some adolescents with intractable migraine and CDHs.
In 1989 the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) developed an orphan drug Human Botulism Immune Globulin Intravenous (BIG-IV) for the tratment of infant botulism caused by toxin type A or B.
The state department in turn spoke with the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS): Might there be other options for inspections?
In July 2004, the Riverside County Department of Public Health and the Division of Communicable Disease Control (DCDC), California Department of Health Services (CDHS), investigated 4 suspected cases of botulism, all in male inmates from a California state prison in Riverside County.
In 2003, the California Department of Health Services (CDHS) audited GCMS and found the company had engaged in "discriminatory billing." The state agency ordered the partnership to repay $2.3 million for the two years.