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The consistency of the CDHSC scheme is easy to verify.
In this section, we use some mathematical difficult problems to prove the confidentiality and unforgeability of the CDHSC scheme in the random oracle model.
Our CDHSC scheme is indistinguishable against any IND-CDHSC-CCA2 adversary A in the random oracle model assuming that the BIDH problem in [G.sub.2] is intractable.
Our CDHSC scheme is existentially unforgeable against any EUF-CDHSC-CMA adversary [A.sub.i(i=I,II)] in the random oracle model assuming that the CDH problem in G3 is intractable.
In our CDHSC scheme, the encryption key is Z = [H.sub.2](U, T, [ID.sub.B]).
We come up with a secure and efficient access control scheme for wireless sensor networks in the cross-domain context of the IoT using our CDHSC scheme.