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CDIACenter for Digital Imaging Arts (Boston University, Waltham, MA)
CDIAConsumer Data Industry Association
CDIACertified Document Imaging Architech (Comptia)
CDIACentre de Documentation et d'Information de l'Assurance (French: Center for Documentation and Insurance Information)
CDIACanadian Direct Investment Abroad
CDIACanadian Defence Industries Association
CDIAChina Dairy Industry Association (Beijing, China)
CDIACross-Domain Interoperability Architecture
CDIACities Development Initiatives Alliance (for Asia)
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Consumer groups countered the claims of CDIA and other rule opponents by saying the ability to file suit is necessary to protect Americans' legal rights.
The Chief Minister has in principle agreed to the CDIA support to the up-gradation of different facilities in Peshawar, Mardan and Abbottabad districts during a briefing held here today.
It has been only three years since the passenger numbers broke through 20m in 2009, now CDIA has realized a new historical leap again.
La CDIA incorpora y sintetiza una serie de mecanismos juridico/diplomaticos que los Estados miembros fueron desarrollando en el sistema interamericano a lo largo de los anos, comenzando por la modificacion de la Carta Constitutiva de la OEA en 1985, en virtud de la cual se establece que uno de los propositos fundamentales de la Organizacion es <<promover y consolidar la democracia representativa dentro del respeto al principio de no-intervencion.
The reason the "information broker" provision rankled Pratt and the CDIA stems from the threat it posed to legitimate tools to fight fraud.
Los CDIA de la MS, PC y AA de las dietas experimentales se calcularon empleando la siguiente ecuacion:
The two primary destinations for CDIA are the United States and Britain.
39) Theoretically, increased CDIA improved Canadian competitiveness by consolidating links with Canada's trading partners and by stimulating vertical linkages in the form of joint ventures and strategic alliances between foreign-controlled transnational corporations (TNCs) and domestically owned small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Contribute to the review of PPS work managed by other CDIA team members;
The CDIA is preparing the investment and strategy plans in close
Phillips, CRM, CDIA, FAI, can be contacted at john@infotechdecisions.
SIMAH has proven to be a leader in the global credit reporting market and that's the principal reason we were honored that they agreed to partner with CDIA and Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) on this very important conference.