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CDIACenter for Digital Imaging Arts (Boston University, Waltham, MA)
CDIAConsumer Data Industry Association
CDIACertified Document Imaging Architech (Comptia)
CDIACentre de Documentation et d'Information de l'Assurance (French: Center for Documentation and Insurance Information)
CDIACanadian Direct Investment Abroad
CDIACanadian Defence Industries Association
CDIAChina Dairy Industry Association (Beijing, China)
CDIACross-Domain Interoperability Architecture
CDIACities Development Initiatives Alliance (for Asia)
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Once the CIIPP is completed these ULBs are invited to submit applications for CDIA support.
If your organization doesn't have an IG program, this issue's Principles Series article by Julie Gable, CRM, CDIA, FAI, can help you make the business case for implementing one based on risk reduction, cost savings, and productivity.
It has been only three years since the passenger numbers broke through 20m in 2009, now CDIA has realized a new historical leap again.
The two primary destinations for CDIA are the United States and Britain.
39) Theoretically, increased CDIA improved Canadian competitiveness by consolidating links with Canada's trading partners and by stimulating vertical linkages in the form of joint ventures and strategic alliances between foreign-controlled transnational corporations (TNCs) and domestically owned small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
As a CDIA member, EmployeeScreenIQ will be able to provide clients with the information and analytical tools necessary for them to manage risk and help ensure continued service that meets our standard of excellence.
The WALTHAM CDI is a GMT with a unique civil date indicator in the center that is inspired by the CDIA fitted on board the Consolidated B24-Liberator and the Grumman F6F Hellcat fighter aircrafts used during the Second World War.
In our Principles Series article, Julie Gable, CRM, CDIA, FAI, writes about how to leverage the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles[R]' Principle of Availability to show ROI.
Format Task Force and beta tested by ten top banks and other data furnishers, the CDIA is launching a comprehensive and flexible new Metro 2 e-Learning System to provide detailed guidance on the use of the Metro 2[sup.
In the cover article, John Phillips, CRM, CDIA, FAI, addresses protection with solutions for stemming the tide of insider data leaks.
CDIA (formerly MTIA) is the world's largest association representing the needs of medical transcription and speech recognition companies, vendors, and health information management professionals since 1989.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB), the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), The Governments of Austria and Switzerland established the CDIA in 2007 as a regional technical assistance project development facility.