CDIBCertificate of Degree of Indian Blood
CDIBChina Development Industrial Bank (Taiwan)
CDIBCustoms Drug Investigation Bureau (Hong Kong)
CDIBCommunity Diversity Issues Board
CDIBCanadian Defence Industrial Base
CDIBCystic Dilatation of Intrahepatic Biliary System (pediatric surgery)
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The business is engaged in the production of leather clothing, shoes and accessories.Country: ItalySector: Clothing/TextilesTarget: Bruno Magli SpABuyer: CDIB Capital, E-Land GroupVendor: Fortelus Capital Management LLPType: Divestment, LBOStatus: Exclusivity
Taiwan's Top-7 Per Capita Revenue Contribution Banks in First 3 quarters Bank Per capita contribution (NT$ Million) CDIB 96.5 Mega 49.5 SCSB 43.4 IBT 42.7 King's Town 41.9 Citibank (Taiwan) 34 Agricultural Bank of Taiwan 30.1 Source: the central bank
With new business and inconvenience of modifying its existing system, CDIB has decided to adopt a new foreign exchange system.
Our ancestors are on the rolls but we have not been accorded the right to be a part of that program where we would be able to have a CDIB card and entitle us to those benefits.
'Morgan Stanley paid for the credit ratings and worked with the rating agencies to engineer the ratings,' the suit said, adding: 'It took what it knew to be a toxic, unsafe investment, falsely portrayed that investment as safe, and passed it off to CDIB.'
CDIB Capital (International) Corporation ("CDIB Capital") operates as the overseas investing arm of China Development Financial Holdings Corporation (CDFH), one of the largest and longest standing merchant banking groups in Asia with over US$11 billion in assets.
US$ 77 million (equivalent to JPY 7.7 billion), and US$34 million (equivalent to JPY 3.4 billion) has been funded by the syndicate loan from Taiwanese Lenders, lead arranged by China Development Industrial Bank ("CDIB").
Marubeni acquires in aggregate of 21.42% shares of Hsin Tao Power, 15.95% shares from CDIB, 2.07% shares from TSRC Corporation, 1.70% shares from Fubon Insurance Co., Ltd and 1.70% shares from Fubon Life Assurance Co., Ltd.
DEA and Hong Kong Customs Drug Investigation Bureau (CDIB) hosted a joint training workshop, which focused on enhancing the investigative and tactical capabilities of investigators in drug interdiction operations.
The round was led by Atlas Venture, together with Forward Ventures and CDIB BioScience Venture Management, and was supported by previous investors, including Fog City Fund and Windamere Venture Partners.
Cadence Pharmaceuticals also previously announced a $53.8 million equity financing, which was led by Frazier Healthcare Ventures and included Domain Associates, Versant Ventures, Technology Partners, ProQuest Investments, BB Biotech Ventures, CDIB BioScience Venture Management, and private investors.
The museum can't make up its mind." Richard dismisses Indigenous peoples' belief that their shared experiences connect them historically, cognitively, and spiritually in ways that resist uncomplicated classification or codification by appearance, blood quantum, or CDIB number.