CDIBCertificate of Degree of Indian Blood
CDIBChina Development Industrial Bank (Taiwan)
CDIBCustoms Drug Investigation Bureau (Hong Kong)
CDIBCommunity Diversity Issues Board
CDIBCanadian Defence Industrial Base
CDIBCystic Dilatation of Intrahepatic Biliary System (pediatric surgery)
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Country: ItalySector: Clothing/TextilesTarget: Bruno Magli SpABuyer: CDIB Capital, E-Land GroupVendor: Fortelus Capital Management LLPType: Divestment, LBOStatus: Exclusivity
Developed by local team, AFEIS can flexibly cater to customization needs of CDIB while has full sub-system features.
Our ancestors are on the rolls but we have not been accorded the right to be a part of that program where we would be able to have a CDIB card and entitle us to those benefits.
CDIB Capital (International) Corporation ("CDIB Capital") operates as the overseas investing arm of China Development Financial Holdings Corporation (CDFH), one of the largest and longest standing merchant banking groups in Asia with over US$11 billion in assets.
Bay Partners, Crescendo Ventures, CDIB, China Investment and Development Company, WK Technology Fund, and Elwin Capital Partners.
135) Nevertheless, the Indian Arts and Crafts Board recommended that gallery owners request to see the CDIB (Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood) cards of Indians.
CDIB will be the first Taiwanese bank to have a stake in a Japanese brokerage house.
NEW YORK -- Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP ("Robbins Geller") announces China Development Industrial Bank ("CDIB") has commenced an action in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, to recover losses CDIB suffered as a result of its investment in the STACK 2006-1 collateralized debt obligation (the "STACK CDO").
This will be CDIB s second private equity fund in China following Taiwanese investment bank unveiled the first in Fujian Province in September 2011.
Chen, chairman of CDIB, and Kenneth Lo, chairman of IBT, will reportedly soon visit FSC Chairman Y.
Morgan Stanley paid for the credit ratings and worked with the rating agencies to engineer the ratings,' the suit said, adding: 'It took what it knew to be a toxic, unsafe investment, falsely portrayed that investment as safe, and passed it off to CDIB.