CDICChronic Diseases In Canada (journal)
CDICCanadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
CDICChaland de Débarquement d'Infanterie et de Chars (French: Landing Infantry Barge and Tanks)
CDICCarbon Dioxide Information Center
CDICCenter for Data Intensive Computing (BNL)
CDICContrat à Durée Indéterminée de Chantier (French: Contract for an Indefinite Period of Construction)
CDICCanadian Drug Identification Codebook
CDICContractor Data Integrity Check
CDICCalgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre (Canada)
CDICCongressional District Impeachment Committee
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The CDIC was established as the cornerstone initiative of the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement.
Jamel Eddine Chichti , coordinateur et representant du CDIC en Tunisie a de son cote souligne que le fonds veut attirer vers la Tunisie des investissements notamment dans les TIC, les energies renouvelables et l'agroalimentaire".
A federal Crown corporation, CDIC insures some S350 billion of deposits at member banks, trust companies, and loan companies.
At a minimum, individual directors and corporations will need to be fully apprised of the new requirements in respect of the guidelines adopted by the TSX, and indeed any regulatory requirements prescribed by statute (such as the CDIC Act).
Excluding CDIC, operating income in the fourth quarter of 2009 was $10.
Minister for Defence Industry the Hon Christopher Pyne MP said the CDIC Board members were selected to provide broad representation across industry and Defence.
The CDIC is currently suffering a shortfall of NT$60 billion (US$1.
Excluding CDIC, revenue was down 7% in the fourth quarter and down 10% for the year compared to the prior year.
Contract Awarded for CDIC Workshop Facilitation Services
The CDIC Society will celebrate the "glory of color" at its 3rd annual CDIC Fall Course.
Excluding CDIC, revenue in the third quarter was $50.
The CDIC Society for Coatings Technology will celebrate the "glory of color" at its 3rd annual CDIC Fall Course.