CDIDConsolidated Diking Improvement District (Longview, WA)
CDIDCapabilities, Development and Integration Directorate
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Lieutenant Colonel Main is a future concepts officer with the Operational and Strategic Maneuver Support Branch, CDID.
A key component of the CDID effort is a 30-year intelligence modernization strategy to integrate capability developers, materiel developers, training developers, and the supporting S&T community; identify essential tasks and other planning factors; and align strategy actions to meet the visions and tenets of the Army Operating Concept and support the Army Functional Concept for Intelligence.
The director of CDID was recently selected and assumed duties in February 2008.
In September 2009, the Army G8 FDC made a decision to fund three TS/ SCI tunneling packages for the Experimentation Division of CDID, SIGCOE.
He is currently assigned to Fort Gordon's Concepts, Requirements & Doctrine Division, CDID.
Although there are several programs being offered that replicate and claim to be a board certified DABCI program, not all are certified and approved by the ABCI and CDID boards.
Also, remember as a part of your recertification requirements, hours must be obtained at the CDID sponsored Symposium at least every other year.
There are many people responsible for how far the CDID has come while I served as your President.
Anderson, Williams, and Smith, the CDID appreciates you all and the great working relationship we have built over the last few years.
If you have never experienced a symposium sponsored by the CDID and AACP, then this is the year to commit.
October 8-9, 2005 (Charlotte, NC) CDID Diplomate Program
June 4-5, 2005 (Phoenix, AZ) CDID Diplomate Program