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CDIFCASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering) Definition Interchange Facility
CDIFComponent Development and Integration Facility
CDIFCase Data Interchange Format
CDIFConsumer Drug Information (journal)
CDIFCumulative Difference
CDIFCounty Durham Ice Foundation (ice hockey; UK)
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Offering the professional recognition of a CIMA international qualification and demonstrable expertise in the complex, fast-growing world of Islamic finance, Progress has scheduled three registration dates for CDIF courses, over the next three months.
This week, the CDIF announced plans for a 3,000 seater ice arena on the site of the former LG Philips factory at Belmont, on the north eastern outskirts of the city.
Our commitment to CDIF underscores Cayenne's best-in-class strategy, expands our ability to service a broader segment of the software development market worldwide and provides our customers with increased compatibility that improves time-to-market of software applications.
The new CDIF user display uses the Gantt charts in JViews to monitor every locomotive in the Railion network so that decisions can be made about scheduling and deployment.
City of Nanticoke COP - Lexington Luzerne $261,400 Village Senior Apartments Urban Redevelopment NHP, UDF, HRP, Allegheny $3,750,000 Authority CDIF, PHCF, Streetface.
A formal definition of the meta-modeling technique, based on the CDIF meta-model, which allows for extensibility of the meta-model on the fly, and mappings into distributed object technologies such as OMG's Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA); and
In addition to exchanging meta data with decision support tools via the MetaLink capability, Prism Directory Manager exports meta data in CDIF (CASE Data Interchange Format) to repositories, supplementing their base of information about the content and structure of the data warehouse.
Prism and Sagent will provide a seamless integration of meta data into Prism's meta data directory, via Prism's CDIF standard interface.
We have been performing meta-model and notation customizations for years with our unique Meta-CASE, object repository, and CDIF import/export technology.
Logic Works' CDIF (CASE Data Interchange Format) link will offer the ability to visualize and manage existing EDA/SQL structures, both relational and non-relational.