CDIMClerkship Directors in Internal Medicine
CDIMContinuing Development in Ministry (religion)
CDIMContext-Driven Information Model
CDIMConditioned Di-Phase Modem
CDIMCurrent Diffusive Interchange Mode (physics)
CDIMChange Delivery & Implementation Manager
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The chart below summarizes the defects found on the CDIM.
* When shifting gear positions, the CDIM debounce timing on the gear position was different than the RIPM debounce timing in the camera view state machine, allowing a race condition where the CDIM showed the front camera HMI but the RIPM was in the rear camera view.
* When shifting gear position to Park during PTBA, CDIM sent a command to RIPM to shut off the camera (per non-PTBA requirement).
* When driving forward above 10kph during PTBA, CDIM switched from camera view to infotainment view (per non-PTBA requirement).
A hypothetical homogeneous slope shown in Figure 3 is employed to investigate the probability of failure using the CDIM, with the slope height (H) of 30.0 m, the slope angle ([beta]) of 30.0[degrees], and the unit weight ([gamma]) of 18kN/[m.sup.3].
Probability of Failure Using the CDIM. Based on those measured datasets, (10) is employed for the aforementioned copulas to obtain Kendall's rank correlation coefficient [tau], and then the parameters of the copulas can be calculated using (8), (9), and the maximum likelihood method (MLE) [30], as shown in Table 3.
Using the CDIM, one can determine the probability of slope failure by substituting the correlation parameter [theta] (from Table 3) into (23).
In this paper, a CDIM was used to compute the probability of failure of a slope system.