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CDIOConception, Design, Implementation and Operation (educational workshop; Cambridge, MA)
CDIOCollateral Duty Intelligence Officer
CDIOConceive Design Implement Operate (engineering model)
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This article shortly describes together the CDIO Engineering Education, the RPS activities and the Enterprise product development functions.
CDIO Platform, CDIO Systems in the Enterprise and Societal Contexts, (http://www.
The CDIO Syllabus, A Statement of Goals for Undergraduate Engineering Education.
The CDIO framework model is created to build blocks of knowledge, skills, and attitudes, given in Figure 1.
In the CDIO Syllabus (Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate), the blocks of knowledge, skills, and attitudes are further divided into smaller hierarchic parts.
CDIO student Stephanie Chen joined Payload Systems after graduating from MIT, and continues to work on the SPHERES project.
We develop our operations in line with the international CDIO framework, which is an innovative educational framework for producing the next generation of engineers.
Although a process familiar to many, CDIO is a methodology coined originally at MIT and gaining in worldwide popularity.
As CDIO she will provide strategic leadership and counsel, driving Babson's mission to continuously create and sustain a culture of inclusion for all members of the Babson Community (students, faculty, staff, and alumnae).