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CDIOChief Digital Innovation Officer (various companies)
CDIOConceive Design Implement Operate (engineering model)
CDIOConception, Design, Implementation and Operation (educational workshop; Cambridge, MA)
CDIOCollateral Duty Intelligence Officer
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Applying CDIO principles in engineering education significantly change the conventional approach to educational programs development and implementation and, as a result, enhance the competence of the graduates and increase their competitiveness in the international engineering labour market.
The material culminates in describing the CDIO Initiative, which educates students on how to Conceive, Design, Implement (build) and Operate complex, value-added engineering products, processes and systems in a modern, team-based, global environment thus producing students who are 'ready to engineer' when they graduate.
[4.] Marasco, E., Behjat, L.: Integrating Creativity Into Elementary Electrical Engineering Education Using CDIO and Project-Based Learning.
(8.) Para informacoes sobre o Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate curriculum, confira "What Is CDIO?," <>, e "Welcome to the CDIO(tm) Initiative," <>.
Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol, Lancaster and Queen's Belfast are among a group of 33 universities worldwide, led by MIT and called CDIO, that is trying to develop curriculum materials and programmes for what are termed "capstone" projects that spin group and individual work projects out for students.
* be funded to ensure adequate practical education, and to embrace new methods of teaching and learning, for example Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate (CDIO).
Although it has met with some press criticism, the consortium, which comprises Sheltam Rail Corporation of South Africa, Kenya's Prime Fuels, Mirambo Holdings, Comazar and the CDIO Institute for Africa Development Trust, has begun the long process of improving the rail infrastructure and improving its fleet of engines and rolling stock.
Their CDIO (conceive, design, implement, and operate) engineering process considers the learning environment a product.