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CDIPCeramic Dual Inline Package
CDIPCertified Documentation Improvement Practitioner
CDIPCyberdark Impact (Yu-Gi-Oh card)
CDIPChronic Disease and Injury Prevention (various locations)
CDIPCoastal Data Information Program
CDIPCommercial Driver Instruction Permit (various states)
CDIPCrash Data Improvement Program
CDIPCombined Defense Improvement Project (US DoD)
CDIPCentre de Développement de l'Informatique Personnelle (French: Center for Development of Personal Computers)
CDIPCeramic Dual-In-Line Package
CDIPCDL Instruction Permit
CDIPCommunity Development Internship Program
CDIPContinuously Displayed Impact Point
CDIPCareer Development Internship Program
CDIPConsolidated Defense Intelligence Program
CDIPCross Domain Interface Process
CDIPChronic Demyelinating Inflammatory Polyneuropathy
CDIPCustomer Delivery Improvement Program (FairPoint Communications, Inc.)
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Given the time-consuming aspect of the typical preparation workflow, which comprises collecting parallel texts and manually extracting the relevant terminology, computer-based CDIP, if properly implemented, seems particularly suitable for conference preparation.
Proactive CDIPs aren't cheap, but neither are good accountants.
Hubiese sido interesante analizar tambien el desenvolvimiento de las partidas de guerrillas realistas; pero, lamentablemente, la CDIP no incluye casi ningun documento al respecto, pues su tesis es que la poblacion era <<enteramente propicia a la causa patriota>>.
12 Unanue, Hipolito, "Introduccion a la descripcion cientifica de las plantas del Peru", en: CDIP, t.
1) The data collected by the CDIP are measured in nearshore waters, whereas many other sources of wave climate data rely on measurements made offshore in deep water.
CDIP (Centre de Developpement de l'Informatique Personnelle), Francois Lerebourg, President, 33 134 39 12 12, francois@cdip.
Mel Tully, MSN, CCDS, CDIP, is VP of clinical services and education, Nuance Communications.