CDIWCongress of Democrats from the Islamic World
CDIWCompact Ductile Iron Waterworks
CDIWCumulative Damage IPL (Inverse Power Law)-Weibull (reliability model)
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Of the strategies introduced in Section 3.2, six inertia weight adjusting strategies for PSO are compared in this section: constant inertia weight (CIW) [29], random inertia weight (RIW) [30], linearly decreasing inertia weight (LDIW) [17, 30], chaotic decreasing inertia weight (CDIW) [31, 32], double exponential self-adaptive inertia weight (DESIW) [33], and fitness-based and chaotic adaptive inertia weight (FCAIW).
However, CDIW, which is based on LDIW but involves an added chaotic term, can increase the diversity.
CIW RIW LDIW CDIW DESIW FCAIW Accuracy 0.9520 0.9552 0.9517 0.9576 0.9511 0.9605 F1 0.9527 0.9563 0.9529 0.9588 0.9525 0.9616 Table 6: Comparison of the accuracies of machine learning methods with and without feature weights.