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CDK3Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 3
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Therefore, since CDK3 polymorphism is in a gene coding for a cell cycle protein and is in an intron region with no known diagnostic value and also the SNP had known allele frequencies in multiple populations, and the two alleles were both common, we have undertaken this project to find out the frequency of polymorphisms in India as preliminary study.
Overexpression of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1 (WAF1) from the kinase inhibitor protein group and PAK-[gamma] (p21- activated kinase [gamma]), combined with overexpression of CDKN2D (p19-INK4D) and cell division protein kinase 3 (CDK3), denote a major derangement in the regulation of cell-cycle progression.
Cluster Count Score Genes Gene transcription 17 2.31 HIST2H3A, HIST1H2BC, HIST1H2BF, HIST1H2AD, HIST1H3B, HIST1H4E, HIST1H3D, HIST1H4C, HIST1H2AM, HIST1H4I, HIST1H2AL, HIST2H3C, EGFR, FOS, CALR, EYA1, MAGI1 Inflammatory and 6 1.42 TICAM2, CCL4L2, TLR4, FOS, AKT3, immune response PTPN6 Pathways in cancer 7 1.39 EGFR, CCNE1, FOS, MMP9, FGF12, AKT3, CTNNA3 Cell adhesion 7 1.38 EGFR, CNTNAP4, MAGI1, CTNND1, CCL4L2, CTNNA3, PTPN6 Protein phosphatase 7 1.34 EGFR, PTPN6, EYA1, PTPRG, ROR1, AKT3, CDK3 Tight junction 4 1.03 EPB41L3, MAGI1, AKT3, CTNNA3