CDKFCarolinas District Kiwanis Foundation (Columbia, SC)
CDKFCentral Difference Kalman Filter
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In above circumstances, in order to make the receiver still work well, we combine designed bit synchronization module with CDKF signal tracking module, so that a bit synchronization tracking is realized for very weak signals.
As input signal is very weak, when the receiver is in tracking state, the sample period of input signal is 1 millisecond and CDKF loop update time is 20 ms.
In terms of complexity, CDKF and optimal path dynamic programming are implemented by recursive algorithm and the quantity of calculation is very small.
The phase and frequency errors estimation history and the first 75 demodulated data bits using CDKF loop with bit synchronization module for 20 dB-Hz and 28 dB-Hz weak GPS signal are demonstrated in Figure 6.
The computational complexity of CDKF is very low due to its recursion.