CDKLCyclin-Dependent Kinase Like
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Researchers found that culturing VA-13 cells in the presence of ethanol decreased the activity of CDKl, thus providing an explanation for the increase in the number of cells at the G2/M transition and the decrease in cellular replication (Clemens et al.
Preliminary data indicated that cell cycle activators like cdkl and cdk4 were expressed at high levels throughout postnatal development of the rat colon.
A novel mechanism controls the [Ca.sup.2+] oscillations triggered by activation of ascidian eggs and has an absolute requirement for Cdkl activity.
A complex between Cdkl and cyclin B1 is critical for cells progressing into mitosis (Hunter 1993).
Taiwanin A could also up-regulate p53, phosphorylated p53, p21 (Cip l), and p27 (Kip 1) and down-regulate the [G.sub.2]/M checkpoint cyclin-dependent kinasel (Cdkl)-cyclin A/B, leading to induction of [G.sub.2]/M cell-cycle arrest in MCF-7 cells.