CDLEColorado Department of Labor and Employment
CDLECustomized Digital Line Equipment
CDLEChild-Driven Learning Environment (education; various locations)
CDLEChronic Discoid Lupus Erythematodes (skin disease)
CDLECustoms Drugs Law Enforcement (Ireland)
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According to CDLE statistics from October, 81,366 people were unemployed in Colorado with 214,890 job openings.
The histopathological diagnosis was based on the characteristic features as described by Lever and Schaumberg-Lever.7 A definitive diagnosis of CDLE was made when at least 2 of the three pathognomonic features were present i.e.
The bill, which is currently in the Appropriations Committee, would require collaboration among the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE), the Department of Higher Education (DHE), the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), and the CDLE in designing this career pathway, which would have to be available for students beginning with the 2014-1 5 academic year.